Again, this is a homer post.  Again, I don’t care.  It’s my blog, I do what I want with it.

Like I wrote on Thursday and had posted on Friday (internet problems again?  Really?), I was too excited about the Mizzou-Oklahoma to even think about anything else, except a few Blues games.

So mostly for my own records, I’m going to recount my 36 hours or so, just for when Mizzou does eventually lose I can come back to this and remember just how perfect things really went.

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One Day Til GameDay

There’s plenty of stuff going on in the sports world like the MLB Playoffs, concussion inducing hits in the NFL (James Harrison is an idiot), and Rick Rypien’s moment of craziness, but really all I can think about is Saturday.  That’s when the College Gameday Crew will descend on Columbia, Missouri for the first time ever.  It won’t be the first time they’ve featured a Mizzou game on their show, but it was always a neutral site or an away game.  This time, they’ll set up the stage in front of The Columns at Jesse Hall during the 99th Homecoming at the place where the Homecoming tradition began.  Apparently the Quad holds up to 24,000 people and school administrators are expecting 15,000-20,000 people.  The record crowd for a College GameDay is 15,808 at a Nebraska Cornhuskers game.

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Blogpoll Week 8

I just submitted WaB’s Week 8 Blogpoll.  I like to think we were onto something early by having Oregon so high.  I’ll be honest, that was mostly Weller.  Here’s a look at out ballot.

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Blogpoll Week 7

We had a little shakeup at the top with South Carolina’s win over Alabama.  Did Oregon take the top spot or did we follow the pundits and put Ohio State at #1?

The suspense is killing me, so I’ll get to it.

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Growing Hate – Living in SEC Country

For those of you that don’t know I moved to Knoxville just over a year-and-a-half ago. I made this move because I’m a Tennessee Vols fan. I grew up watching Tennessee football, and have bled Orange since the day I was born in January of 1988. Growing up I quickly developed a deep-seeded hatred for the florida gators. I got mad, and expressed dislike toward other teams when we faced them, but it was nothing compared to the blood-boiling levels of hatred I embodied and held in reserve just for florida.

It didn’t matter if we won or if we lost, if it was close or if it was a blowout, no matter what I despised everything about the university of florida and the town of gainesville. I always recognized that from a historical perspective Tennessee was a bigger rival with Alabama, but I just couldn’t get myself to churn up that same, raw dislike that’s there for florida.

In my lifetime Tennessee and Alabama have never been good at the same time. Since 1995 there have only been five game between the two schools that were decided by a touchdown or less, and we won three of those. In that same time period the biggest win we’ve had over florida was by 14 points in 2003, and the second biggest win was by just three points in 1998. Continue reading

Blogpoll Week 6

Alright, so I promised sweeping changes, but we didn’t get them.  Weller’s internet is broken so we didn’t get a chance to discuss this.  (That’s why you’ll find florida still in the poll and LSU only dropping five spots.

Also, I figured out how to not be an idiot and got the new format.  Hope you enjoy it:

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Two things, real quick:

1. Tomorrow is the last game for the Cards so I’ll be posting more now that I have a tiny bit of time.

2. The Tennessee-LSU game will count as a loss for LSU in the poll tomorrow.  End of discussion.

Blogpoll Week 5 ***UPDATED***

In what seems to be a recurring theme around here, I don’t have any time to post this.  As most of you don’t know, Weller and I went to Denver this past weekend and caught the Rockies thrilling extra inning, walk off victory against the Giants on Saturday and then the Colts win over the Broncos on Sunday.  Then we drove all the way back to St. Louis overnight so I could work in the morning.  That leaves precious little time to post.

So I’ll just give you our early Blogpoll for Week 5 with no reasons to back it all up.  That will come tomorrow night, I promise.

As always, disagree in the comments.

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Blogpoll Week 4

Alright, I’m a day late on this because I’m lazy and I’ve been playing lots of video games.  I did get this entered in the official site, though, so good for me.

Anyway, here’s last week’s poll and here’s this week’s poll:

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Blogpoll Week 3

I was all set yesterday to write a glowing review of the Rams opening weekend victory over Arizona Cardinals while heaping praise on the best young quarterback in the history of sports, Sam Bradford.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  The Rams lost.  I lost my will to post.  It happens.

So instead you’ll get our Blogpoll for Week 2 and some of the reasons behind it.  As always leave some opinions.  We may just change some stuff if we think you’re right.

Here’s a look at Week 2.

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