My Favorite Things

The other night Weller and I got to sending YouTube clips back and forth about our favorite sports moments(that we remember).  They covered just about every sport from the time I was seven to this past February.  So I figured I would put them all up in one place for everyone to see and discuss and I’m sure there will be much of that.

We’ll start with the easy one:

I could watch that all day.  This is the only proof that I have that the Rams were at one time good.  At the time my Dad and I shared season tickets with some other folks and we had the privilege of being at this game the week before.  Before that 1999 season the Rams had spent four years in St. Louis and were a combined 22-42.  To see our team go from that bad to that good and then win the Super Bowl like that was just awesome.  This is still the most exciting Super Bowl ever, no matter what anyone says.

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And We’re Back

We got several emails from adoring fans about our recent lack of posts, but rest assured, we’re back now.  As I said before, I’ve been in Boston looking for a job and then we both went down to Georgia for a family vacation.  We didn’t really think much about posting while we were there.  Please forgive us.

Luckily we didn’t miss a whole lot during our time away.  The Major League Baseball trade deadline came and went with some big names changing teams.  NFL camps opened and Weller drooled.  College football camps opened.  The English Soccer season started today with the Community Shield game between Manchester United and Chelsea with Chelsea prevailing 4-1 on penalties after a 2-2 draw.

So, sports fans, after the dog days of summer we’re revving back up for an exciting fall.  Who knows, maybe Weller will give you a mock draft next week.  It’ll be crazy.

Biggest Sports Cheats

We received this link in an email a little while ago.  We normally don’t post these, but it’s a slow news time and I enjoyed this one.  Enjoy the Top 15 Sports Cheats of All-Time.

I think Rosie Ruiz should be higher and I don’t think Diego Maradona is the biggest cheat of all time, but it’s still funny.

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