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Weller graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Tennessee in May of 2014 having majored in sport management with an emphasis in statistics and is moving to St Catharines, Ontario where he will attend Brock University to pursue a Master of Arts in sport management, focusing in sport analytics.

As an avid sports fan, Weller spends lots of his time coming up with arguments to prove that Peyton Manning is the best football player ever, picking out his all-time football team rosters and putting together massive spread sheets of sports-related information. Weller has borderline stalker love for Peyton Manning and an equally strong hatred for tom brady.

Weller spent his high school days running Track and Cross Country and has moved on to the German sport of Schleuderball since going to college. Weller was born and raised as a Tennessee Volunteer fan and can remember exactly when, how and why he became and Indianapolis Colts fan at the age of 6. The sport he follows the closest is easily football, but is in the process of trying to become a baseball fan. His three favorite sports to actually participate in however are Schleuderball, Track and Skiing.

Weller and Bryan are cousins, and both of their fathers went to the University of Tennessee which is why they were both born with love for the Vols.

8 Responses

  1. I think is great. I,looking forward to more posts. I hope to have my nfl draft list before Sat.

  2. I enjoy your opinions. Much thought for discussion. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Hey weller Hi Bryan the web site looks great i hope you are having fun!!!

  4. Update your “senior managment major” to “University of Missouri Alumnus with a degree in Business Managment” ;)

  5. Geaux Tigers!

  6. Mock draft anyone? It is on brothers, it is on! I am so pumped. Haven’t done my research yet. Gotta get busy.

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