2012 NFL Mock Draft – Last Minute (04/26)

Hurray for last-minute mock drafts! The actual draft starts in less than 40 minutes. To help pass some of those final minutes, check out my final mock draft. I’m not very happy with how it turned out, but this is how the chips fell when I went through and did it.

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2012 NFL Mock Draft I (03/21)

I realize that normally by this time, I have over 15 mock drafts up, but considering I hadn’t posted anything at all for about eight months until my Field of 68¬†Prediction¬†(and it’s review) I think it’s forgivable that my first 2012 mock draft isn’t being posted until about a month before the draft itself. I also realize that I’m probably going to be putting up a second one soon because it sounds like that a trade is going to go through in the near future with the Broncos getting a draft pick for Tim Tebow.

Consequently, in an attempt to avoid having my mock draft becoming worthless shortly after I post it, this mock draft is only going to be three rounds. Obviously with the compensatory picks expected to be announced next week after the owners’ meeting (March 26-28) and the fact that there are still some free agents to be signed -I just read that the Broncos plan to sign (or at least meet with) Jeff Saturday, Brandon Stokley and Jacob Tamme- I may be putting up my next mock draft sooner rather than later anyhow.

Either way, let’s get down to it. The mock draft itself is after the jump.

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