Blogpoll Week 2

Alright now that Boise St. has closed out its biggest win of the season against Virginia Tech, we’ve put together our Week 2 Blogpoll.

As always, feel free to leave comments and suggestions as this is only a rough draft and the final one is due on Wednesday.  Ha, it’s like I’m back in school again.

Anyway, on to the poll:

Week 2
1. Alabama
2. Boise State
3. Ohio State
4. Oregon
5. TCU
6. Iowa
7. Texas
8. Georgia Tech
9. Oklahoma
10. Virginia Tech
11. Miami
12. Nebraska
13. Penn State
14. Florida State
15. LSU
16. Wisconsin
17. florida
18. usc
19. Utah
20. Arkansas
21. Georgia
22. West Virginia
23. Auburn
24. North Carolina
25. Oregon State

Alright, the top four remain unchanged.  Everyone hammered their opponent or in Boise State’s case, beat a Top 10 team.  Tough to have much movement there.  Next week ought to shake some things out as Ohio State hosts Miami and Oregon faces Tennessee.

We dropped Texas because of their less than inspiring performance in a 34-17 win over Rice.  Iowa and TCU are the beneficiaries there.  TCU beat a Top 25 team, too, so they move into the Top 5.

Georgia Tech moves from 10 to eight after dominating South Carolina State.  They hop Oklahoma after the Sooners slog through a 31-24 win against Utah State.  OU gets Florida State next week, so they’ll have a chance to regain their place. More on the Seminoles in a second.

We left Virginia Tech in the Top 10 because they lost by three to the #2 team in the land.  Also, the #11, 12, and 13 teams in our poll from last week didn’t exactly set the world on fire.

Miami makes the jump from 14 to 11 since Nebraska gave up almost 200 yards rushing to a team who went 0-12 last year.  I’m not sold on the Husker defense at all yet.  They still check in at #12.

Florida State debuts at #14.  Yeah, we forgot to put them in our preseason poll.  Whoops.

LSU only jumps two spots to #15.  I was conflicted about both the teams in their game as North Carolina was shorthanded and got hammered for three quarters.  But, the Tar Heels made a valiant comeback and made it close.  LSU…well, they dominated for three quarters and then sucked.  But they won, but we moved them up two.

Wisconsin falls three to #16.  They’re just the odd team out and someone had to move down.

Florida is our big loser of the week after fumbling eight (8!) times in a terribly slow win over Miami (OH).  They drop from 12 to 17.

USC slips three after giving up all kinds of points to Hawai’i.

Utah replaces Pitt after beating them at home.  They check in at #19.

Everyone else at the end moves up accordingly.  We decided to leave UNC and Oregon State in at 24 and 25 because UNC made it close shorthanded and Oregon State lost by 9 basically on the road to a Top 5 team.

Pitt drops out due to the loss and Houston gets bumped after giving up 28 to Texas State.

Several teams made cases to be ranked this week but we’d like to see a little more from them before we give them a go.

Michigan beat a pretty good UConn team 30-10.  If they beat Notre Dame next week, that might just do it.

BYU took down Jake Locker and Washington 23-17. I don’t think Washington is that great, but it’s a decent win for the Cougars.

Mizzou beat Illinois 23-13.  They looked like a high school team in the first half and like a BCS team in the second.  The jury is out.

Oklahoma State is team #26 for us after walloping Washington State 65-17.  Kendall Hunter put up over 200 yards rushing in the first half.  Look out for him.

Division 2 North Dakota State beat Kansas 6-3.  Not much more needs to be said about that.  But, I’m going to anyway.  How many batteries does it take to shock a KU fan?  1-AA.  Zing!  North Dakota State plays Northern Iowa next week.  Winner gets Bucknell.  Zing!  Over/Under is 10,000 fans at next week’s game against Georgia Tech.  Man, that was awesome.

Anyway, feel free to make fun of us for leaving out Florida State.  We won’t take offense.

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  1. I am surprised you capitalized florida. You must be feeling good.

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