Blogpoll Week 3

I was all set yesterday to write a glowing review of the Rams opening weekend victory over Arizona Cardinals while heaping praise on the best young quarterback in the history of sports, Sam Bradford.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  The Rams lost.  I lost my will to post.  It happens.

So instead you’ll get our Blogpoll for Week 2 and some of the reasons behind it.  As always leave some opinions.  We may just change some stuff if we think you’re right.

Here’s a look at Week 2.

Week 3 D
1. Alabama 0
2. Ohio State +2
3. Oregon +1
4. Boise State -2
5. TCU 0
6. Iowa 0
7. Oklahoma +2
8. Nebraska +4
9. Texas -2
10. LSU +5
11. Wisconsin +5
12. South Carolina N
13. Arkansas +7
14. Utah +5
15. florida +2
16. usc +2
17. Auburn +6
18. Michigan N
19. Stanford N
20. West Virginia +2
21. Miami -10
22. Penn State -9
23. Arizona N
24. Houston N
25. North Carolina -1

Dropped out:  Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech, Florida State, Georgia, Oregon State.

First off, no change at the top.  Alabama is good.  We moved Boise State down to #4 after Virginia Tech lost to James Madison, Ohio State beat a ranked Miami team and Oregon went into Knoxville and won 48-13.

Oklahoma’s destruction of Florida State moves them up to #7.  Florida State drops out.  Can’t lose by 30 and stay in my poll.

Lots of teams in the middle are moving up by default.  Georgia Tech lost to a team who lost to an FCS school.  Out.  Virginia Tech lost to an FCS school.  Out.  Georgia was lingering on the fringe and Oregon State should’ve been out last week.

The big jumper is Arkansas and that’s really only because of losses.

Penn State and Miami both lose to the #1 and #2 teams respectively so they fall, but not all the way out.

Michigan debuts at #19 after two decent wins against UConn and Notre Dame.

South Carolina joins at #12 after defeating Southern Miss and Georgia.  Freshman tailback Marcus Lattimore is the real deal.

I think I’m going to give UNC the boot in favor of California.

I’m going to pay close attention to the Washington-Nebraska game this weekend.  I think the Huskers will win but Jake Locker may give them fits on the ground.  People may start to realize that Nebraska isn’t as good as they think.

California vs. Nevada.  Winner gets ranked, loser goes away.

Georgia vs. Arkansas and Georgia Tech @ North Carolina.  Both Georgia teams are coming off crushing losses.  North Carolina can’t afford to start 0-2.  Arkansas is trying to prove its lofty ranking.  Something’s gotta give.

Tennessee vs. Florida.  If Tennessee can put together a whole game and capitalize on Florida’s slow starts the Vols could pull the upset.

Texas @ Texas Tech.  The Longhorns have trouble in Lubbock.  This could be no different.

This week’s slate of games may not have the big time ranked matchups that last week had, but it certainly has some very evenly matched ones.

11 Responses

  1. Caught the end of the Rams game, sorry man, that was painful. I thought they were going to do it… Even tougher loss for your Vols!?! It’s still to early for me to rank the teams, so I can’t argue with your rankings :)

  2. I think you have over inflated opinions of how good UT is and therefore how good Oregon is.

    • Yes I do believe Oregon is a good football team. I also realize you had them at number 4 last week and due to VT ruining Boise State’s chance at the BCS National Championship (BCS conspiracy theory anyone), they by default move up. I still do not believe they are as good as you think and if you want a really bad argument more so than just my opinion you are in luck. Last year:
      Boise State beats Oregon
      VT beats Tenn
      This year
      Boise State beats VT
      Oregon beats Tenn
      Boise State >: Oregon > VT > UT
      Also don’t start talking too much crap about how bad VT is and if you choose to I have one word. Wyoming.

    • 1. You can’t compare last year’s teams to this year. They’re different.

      2. Oregon is fifth in the AP Poll… it’s not like we had them jump from 15 to 3 just because they beat Tennessee… they’re now outscoring their opponents 120-13 and went on a big trip EAST and beat an SEC opponent by five touchdowns.

      3. Wyoming was two years ago. And did anyone have Tennessee ranked after that? No. Just like nobody should have VT ranked now.

      4. While the argument could be made that 3 is too high for Oregon, by your logic the argument could be made that it’s too low… Last year Alabama only beat Tennessee by two IN Alabama… Then Oregon make the cross country trip and beats the Vols IN Tennessee by 35… so I guess Oregon should be ranked #1…

    • 1) That is why I said it is a really bad argument. Which also accounts for your number 4. Also Alabama won it all. You could make the argument they are #1 til they get beat.

      2) They are 6th in the coaches poll which averages them at 5.5. I think a 5 or 6 rating is more realistic. They did beat a SEC team. They also beat the SEC team that has gone through more turmoil in the last 2 years than any other team. I find it hard to give this win the quality it would be in other years.

    • 1. That’s exactly why we have Alabama #1… and because they’ve looked really good so far.

      2. Beating any BCS team by 35 on the road is impressive.

    • Time to go find other BCS teams losing by 35 at home.

    • That was the only time its happened so far this year.

      The only other two games I could find were Oklahoma State over Washington State and California over Colorado but both victorious teams were at home.

    • Thank your Bryan. Also Florida St deserves to be in this poll more so than UNC. UNC lost to a bad LSU team Florida St lost to a decent OU team at OU.

    • That being said LSU seems to be a little over ranked.

    • I don’t disagree with this… and I think UNC will drop out next week unless they impress us this weekend… we also kicked around the idea of Cal being in there instead of Arizona…

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