Here are some of our favorite sports websites.

18 to 88 – Weller’s favorite Colts blog

Deadspin – An extremely witty sports blog

MLBTradeRumors – All your baseball trade rumor needs

Draftek – Weller’s most trusted source for the NFL Draft

Weller’s Peyton Page – Weller’s other blog

ChannelSurfing – Enjoy watching obscure sports?  This is your place

NFL Mock Draft Database – A website with links to almost every mock draft on the internet.

3rd Saturday in Blogtober – My new favorite Tennessee Volunteer website.

Doin’ Work – Some regular commenters around here.  Check out their site, it’s better than ours.

WalterFootball – Another great Mock Draft Database

NFL Mocks – Yet another great site for info on the NFL Draft.

The Football Expert – And one more great site on the NFL Draft.

John Juettner – Other pieces written by Jet.

Examiner – Jet’s Fantasy Baseball Page

NLS Mock Draft Database – Another NFL Draft site.

Sports Jabber NFL Mock Draft Database – A great database to find mocks from all over the internet.

Soccerpro – Go here.  Buy things.

Sunday Kickoff – A mock draft site.

Friends Sites

The Musings of The Professor

The R-Block Blotter

The Ryan Harper Blog – If you have time and get sick of our crappy writing, check out this blog from my high school English teacher.  He’ll put us to shame on a wide variety of topics.  Download the music, too.

4 Responses

  1. Thanks for the link, guys! Keep up the good work, I enjoy reading.

  2. Hey Oskie, thanks for the support! Any praise from one of the 3SIB guys is the best we could ask for… assuming of course it’s not from one of the bama fans, haha.

  3. Thanks for the link guys! You are officially added to mine as well.

  4. Nice! Thanks for the shout out! You guys have great stuff, keep it going, and I’ll keep coming back! You are going to be one of my daily stops!

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