Tragedy At The….World Sauna Championships?

Until about 30 seconds ago, I was going to write about former Tennessee Vol JP Arencibia and his historic Major League Baseball debut.  With his first four swings in the bigs he managed a measly single, double, and two homers.  But….he didn’t die so he gets trumped.

So as you can tell by the headline, someone died at the World Sauna Championship in Finland.  I will try not to speak ill of the deceased…but…are you serious?

Reports indicate that one of the two finalists, Vladimir Ladyzhensky, passed out seven minutes into the event.  The recorded temperature was a balmy 230 degrees Fahrenheit.  The other finalist was five-time champ Timo Kaukonen who was taken to Helsinki and treated for “severe burns” but is in stable condition.

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WaB Turns 2

If you’d have told me that this little blog would make it to two years old, I’d have told you that you were crazy.  But, 648 posts later, here we are: two years old.

I’m going to run this like I did last year with a Year In Review post of all the things we’ve done in this past year.  Should be a good time…and it should take me a long time so let’s get started.

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Weller’s Five Favorite Sports

I was having a conversation with Bryan earlier today that led to the idea for this post. I said something about how schleuderball might be the best sport ever and it got me thinking about which sports are my favorites. My top four were pretty easy to pick but the fifth was a bit harder to decide on. One of them is the most popular sport in the country, one is hardly played at all in America, one is probably the least heard of sport in the world, one a lot of people have never even tried, and the last one is only a popular spectator sport every four years. Most people who read this blog can easily guess at least one of the sports, that being football. I’ve mentioned in previous posts how overwhelming the ratio is between how much I write about football and how much I write about any other sport. Continue reading

WaB Turns 1

From our inauspicious beginnings as a final project for a webpage design class, WaB has ascended into the ranks of the multi-billion dollar websites such as Yahoo!, Google and MSN.  Alright, that may not be true, but I think we’ve improved ourselves over the last year.  Let’s check out some of the highlights (and lowlights) Continue reading

If Man Were Meant to Fly

This may not be the Steelers and Cardinals, but it’s still really neat.  I got it in an email and it’s probably the coolest thing I’ve seen all day. Enjoy.

I can’t get the video uploaded on the site, so you’ll have to click here.

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