Blogpoll Week 5 ***UPDATED***

In what seems to be a recurring theme around here, I don’t have any time to post this.  As most of you don’t know, Weller and I went to Denver this past weekend and caught the Rockies thrilling extra inning, walk off victory against the Giants on Saturday and then the Colts win over the Broncos on Sunday.  Then we drove all the way back to St. Louis overnight so I could work in the morning.  That leaves precious little time to post.

So I’ll just give you our early Blogpoll for Week 5 with no reasons to back it all up.  That will come tomorrow night, I promise.

As always, disagree in the comments.

Week 5 D
1 Alabama
2 Ohio State
3 Oregon
4 Boise State
6 Nebraska
7 LSU +2
8 Oklahoma
9 Utah +3
10 Arizona +3
11 Arkansas -1
12 Auburn +5
13 florida +1
14 Iowa +1
15 Wisconsin +1
16 Stanford +3
17 Miami +5
18 South Carolina -7
19 usc +1
20 Michigan +1
21 Nevada +4
22 Texas -15
23 Penn State
24 Michigan State +1
25 NC State N

As a fair warning, after this next week we’ll be doing a complete re-evaluation of the rankings up to this point.  Teams will be jumping all over the place so be prepared for that as conference play heats up.


I promised this last night so here it is.  It’s still subject to change until tomorrow.

Once again, no change at the top.  Alabama had a big win at Arkansas, but it’s hard to move them higher than #1.  They should handle florida this weekend to solidify their position even more.

I’m considering moving LSU above Nebraska given their wins over North Carolina and West Virginia.  Nebraska has wins over…well, no one.

I only moved Arkansas down one.  I may move them down a spot or two more but I don’t think they should be punished too much for that game on Saturday.

Auburn moves up five after their win over a very good South Carolina team.  The Gamecocks drop 7 spots to 18.

Miami hammered Pittsburgh 31-3 on Thursday night so I moved them up a few more spots.

I’m starting to really like this Nevada team.  I doubt they lose until a late season showdown with Boise State.

Texas drops 15 spots to #23.  Have they put together a decent game all season?  They get OU in Dallas this weekend, too.  They may be out completely next week.

NC State gets our only new spot this week.  They have a tough one against Virginia Tech this weekend so their stay could be short lived.

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  1. Wow, sounds like a solid adventure! I need to get to some sporting events sometime soon. Too bad there’s nothing interesting going on down here in SoCal, unless I want to go to PetCo to watch the Padres choke some more…

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