Blogpoll Week 8

I just submitted WaB’s Week 8 Blogpoll.  I like to think we were onto something early by having Oregon so high.  I’ll be honest, that was mostly Weller.  Here’s a look at out ballot.

I moved up all the undefeated teams again.  I figure if it’s this late in the year then your team is pretty good.  Oklahoma State and Missouri could get some a huge jump next week by beating Nebraska and Oklahoma, respectively.

Other than that, nothing really earth shattering.  Wisconsin jumps big after thumping Ohio State. I left Nevada in after a tough road trip all the way out to Hawaii.

I don’t really know what to do with Arkansas.  I can easily justify them not being ranked after giving up 65 points.  But I also feel like they’re still a good team.  I would appreciate some input on them.

LSU is going to lose soon.  There’s no way they can keep doing what they do.  Of course, it’s what they do so who knows.

As always, leave some comments.


3 Responses

  1. Hell yeah Ducks! That would be one weird championship game if they played Boise State…

  2. Okay, so the draft week 10 ballot hasn’t made it to your page, but after reading the week 10 write-up, I have to know your thought process on your BlogPoll.

    • Haha, this was a mistake on my part… I put a semi-random grouping of teams up (with no real order at all) early in the week planning to come back and fix it later, and then didn’t end up getting around to it… When I originally threw the teams up there I put up 24 and didn’t know who I wanted 25 to be so I just stuck Tennessee in there kind of as a joke… But outside of the top five or six that ballot really has no order to it.

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