Again, this is a homer post.  Again, I don’t care.  It’s my blog, I do what I want with it.

Like I wrote on Thursday and had posted on Friday (internet problems again?  Really?), I was too excited about the Mizzou-Oklahoma to even think about anything else, except a few Blues games.

So mostly for my own records, I’m going to recount my 36 hours or so, just for when Mizzou does eventually lose I can come back to this and remember just how perfect things really went.

That was the scene yesterday morning on the Quad for College Gameday.  I’m somewhere off to the left under a tree, depending on when the pictures was taken.  ESPN estimated the crowd at 18,000, which breaks the previous record of 15,808 in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I had never been to College Gameday before so I really just wanted to see what went on.  School officials didn’t let people camp out, but they did open the area at 3:30 AM.  Needless to say, I did not show up at 3:3o in the morning.  We stayed with my sister on Friday night and woke up around 8 on Saturday.  Our goal was to get out of the house at or around 8 because our parking pass was good little hike away from the Quad.  We ended up arriving right at 9 o’clock and the scene already looked like that picture.

We met up with some friends and found a tree to lean on.  Gameday itself isn’t that great, it’s pretty hard to see anything with the signs and you’re really just watching the show on gigantic screens that are set up in front.  The real fun is in the atmosphere, you’re hanging around with 18,000 fans who are all excited to be there and you get to cheer when the producer says “We go live in 30 seconds!” and hold up clever signs.  The best one I saw said “There’s a reason why their girlfriends call them Sooners.”  I don’t think it made it on TV.

So we hung around there and booed Lee Corso when he put on the horse’s head and cheered Chris Fowler afterward when he said that Corso may end up looking the other end of the horse that night.

After Gameday, we made our way through campus so we could watch the Homecoming parade.  My friend’s little brother was up for Homecoming King, so we wanted to see his parade appearance.  I’d been to the Homecoming parade once before; generally they’re a little before the time I want to be awake on a weekend but, what the heck.  That was truly the longest parade I have ever seen.  News anchor for one of the big channels, Russ Mitchell, was the Grand Marshall and he seemed very happy to be there.  I liked that.  Maybe I’ll start watching the news now.

After the parade we hit all of our friend’s tailgates, which was no easy task.  I’d suggest to all of my southern friends to try sweet tea vodka.  It is really good.

Unfortunately amid all the commotion and the throngs of people, I didn’t notice my phone battery going dead, so we lost track of the people we were supposed to sit with during the game.  As it turns out, they were almost directly behind us the whole time.

We stood on The Hill against the railing that separated the stands from the student section.  All things considered, we didn’t have a bad spot at all.  The weather, which was predicted to be terrible, held off the entire day and it was gorgeous.  It rained for maybe five minutes near the end of the third quarter but that was it.

As for the game, well, you probably heard what happened.  As soon as Gahn McGaffie returned the opening kickoff for a touchdown, I knew we had something special.  I lost my voice by the time he reached the 50 yard line and never got it back.  I didn’t care too much.

As time ticked down, everyone started moving down toward the field in anticipation.  We tried to hang back a bit so we weren’t in the initial rush but we made it soon after.  We didn’t have a choice, really, if we didn’t go onto the field we’d have been trampled.  As some poor souls discovered, the first few people on the field get arrested.  We didn’t want that.  We didn’t help tear the goalposts down, but we did have a friend take a picture of us in the endzone with the scoreboard in the background.  This is probably one I’ll tell my grandkids about some day.

All in all, it was truly the perfect day.  I never thought anything would top the game day experience of Missouri’s 41-6 thrashing of Nebraska in 2007, but this one definitely did.  Hopefully the Tigers will continue it in Lincoln this weekend.  My head may explode if they do.

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