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16 Responses

  1. Bryan,

    I’m wearing my Cards jersey today and just asked your mom if you saw Ankiel’s incredible plays gunning down the runners heading to third.

    Just glad I never gave up on him!

    Great blog site, by the way!

    Go Cards!

  2. You have Miami taking 2 wide outs in the first 3 rounds, where their biggest problems is in their secondary (althought you did choose Jenkins in the first) and their linebacking core…….. 2 wide outs is a waste of a draft. Even depth in the front offensive line would be a far better decision.

  3. yes, but they desperately need some offensive weapons.

  4. I really like the little tiny black smiley face in the gray area on the right side of the blog. It’s just about level with the Calendar. Good job, guys.

  5. You have KC taking a QB in the first round and a corner in the second. I don’t think they will take either. They are happy with the progress of Thigpen and unless he completely blows it in the final 2 games they will give him a shot next year. That leaves a pass rushing DE as their most pressing need. They are also happy with the play of 3 of their rookie CBs so their next most pressing needs are o-line and linebacker. I think they go with BAP at those positions with their second pick.

  6. Hey, I appreciate the comment! But I’m going to have to respectfully disagree and say that I personally believe the Chiefs biggest needs are quarterback, offensive tackle, defensive end and cornerback, not necessarily in that order. We however have a reader who is currently submitting their ratings for the Chiefs needs. If you would like to submit your own ratings for the Chiefs positional needs we would appreciate it. If this is the case, feel free to send us and email and I’ll let you know what you need to do. Thanks again for commenting!

  7. As a Detroit fan (yes, we’re out there), this is the type of draft we absolutely need. Strengthen both lines and the rest of the defense. Do you really think Hardy will fall all the way to the top of the 3rd round though?

  8. Hi Gents! The Bills select Michael Johnson DE/LB Georgia Tech. A big play, through the roof potential athletic freak- 6’7″, fluid going forward or back, great hip action,sometimes compared with Julius Peppers. Although not excessively productive throughout his career at GT, he had a great final season, and was selected top 10 in more than one of the mock drafts. This was my #1 player on defense from the start! To get him in the second round is grand larceny!

  9. Haha thanks man. That post was basically to show no hard feelings about me getting drunk and making fun of your draft. You guys have a well put together site and I dig the opinions very much, I’m glad I caught your site on “Top Posts from WordPress” or something like that, it’s on my favorite places now.

    Keep Up the Good Work,

  10. You really think the Giants pass on Robiske or Britt with either of their first two picks???? NOT a FN chance.The only way that has a possible chance of happening is if they get Edwards before the draft, if not you are so far from being correct about the Giants.

  11. Bryan,

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  13. Hey Guys,

    Love all the picks save Mays…Singletary’s happy w/FS Dashon Goldson and has 3rd year S Reggie Smith ready to take over SS from Michael Lewis. Coach could go ahead and take Iupati at #17 and finish his OL upgrade, or go DL (DE). Count me in for the interactive mock again this year!


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