Battle at Bristol Observation

For those that didn’t see my earlier announcement, I’m coming out of retirement. This is my first real blog post in several years and, to no one’s surprise, it relates to Tennessee football.

Last Saturday I was in attendance for the Battle at Bristol to see the Vols defeat the Hokies by 21 points. That was all good and well, and I was certainly happy to see a Big Orange win, but that’s not what this post is about. I made an observation in the second quarter, and it’s something that I haven’t seen or heard anybody else mention, whether it be in the media or otherwise.

It wasn’t until Tennessee scored their lone touchdown of the third quarter that I was curious enough about my observation to finally turn to to my dad and say, “that’s the first time either team has scored any points in the south end zone.” What I had seen in the second quarter was that the setup of the lights on each end of the stadium (speedway) were completely different. The height, spacing, and angle of the lights behind the south end zone were different from the way they were behind the north end zone, as well as the number of lights that were behind each end zone. The height of the stadium itself was also different, and one end was much more symmetrical than the other.

The two pictures below are both from the Battle at Bristol, and one end of the stadium can be seen in each, so you can observe the differences for yourself.  Continue reading

Once I Was Out – But Now I’m Back In Action

I have a couple of quick announcements.

First off, for those of you that were regular readers of WaB back when it was in its prime, get excited, because I’m planning to start blogging again. For those that weren’t regular readers back then, get excited, because I’m planning to start blogging again. It will probably be another week or two before I start writing regularly again, but one way or another it will be in the near future.

I’m also going to be launching a new/separate site that will focus on analytics. The primary purpose of that site will be to keep my skill sharp on that front and to serve as a portfolio of my work, so anything that is heavily into analytics will be published there. I plan on writing some non-analytics stuff on this site again as well, the first of which will likely be posted in short order.

Once the new site is live, I’ll be sure to put a link on WaB as well to let everyone know it’s up and running.



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