Live Blog of the 2009 NFL Draft (Day 1)

Alright, the actual draft starts in just over four hours. We’ve already got one pick under our belts and we’re ready for the next 255. I’m literally so excited right now that I can’t sit still long enough to write this intro. I have hopes, I have dreams, I have thoughts that don’t even make any sense. I will be putting up the team with the player they picked, his position and college he last played for. I will also be putting up a brief analysis and/or opinion for each pick. After that I will put up a prediction for the next pick or two or maybe more just depending on how I’m feeling in the given moment and then I will join Bryan in the comments section where we hope to have a constant discussion going on, so if you agree or disagree with a pick, or have a question about a pick please let me know in a comment. Also if you agree or disagree with my analysis/opinion on a pick let me know in a comment. Continue reading

2009 NFL Mock Draft XIV (4/25)


The actual NFL Draft starts in less than 15 hours, so it’s safe to say that this will be my final 2009 mock draft. It was just announced that the Lions will be taking Matthew Stafford, so that is one pick I have right.

Bryan and I will be live blogging the actual draft this year, just like I did last year only this time it will be even better because I won’t be flying solo, as long as Bryan can get his internet to work. It should again be filled with a lot of excitement and a lot of emotion, and we hope to put up a lot of good info and feedback with each pick and encourage you to let us know what you think in the comments. Hopefully we’ll have a running conversation about the draft going. Continue reading

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