Congratulations to the North Carolina Tar Heels

Well, I’m happy for the Tar Heels, I guess.  They won one of the most boring basketball games I’ve ever had the privilege of not paying attention to.  In all seriousness, love him or hate him, Tyler Hansbrough had one of the best college careers in history, so I’m happy for him.


Stat of the Day (Mark Buehrle is THE Workhorse)

Haven’t done a Stat of the Day for everyone in quite a while now. But a pretty good collection of stats was thrown at me in my morning newspaper today, and I’m happy to share those stats with you.

Basically, these statistics say that White Sox starting pitcher Mark “The Bounty Hunter” Buehrle is the biggest workhorse in all of baseball right now. Workhorse meaning he eats a ton of innings and does it with a very solid E.R.A. each season.

By the way, as a White Sox fan, one of the first things you figure out is how to correctly spell Buehrle.

Now, the stats.

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Sean Avery: Still An Ass

It’s been a while since we had a good hockey post around here.  As you know, I love hockey.  I’m a huge St. Louis Blues fan and I feel like I’ll jinx their late playoff push by writing about them.  This post is not about them, but if you haven’t noticed, there’s an excellent playoff race going on over in the Western Conference.  Check out the current standings.  But no, that’s not what this post is about; this post is about Sean Avery. Continue reading

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