Weller’s Final Four Prediction

Here’s my predictions for this weekend’s games. I am proud to say that I started out way back in October with UConn over UNC in the National Championship. I stand by that now.

Today’s Games (4/04):

Connecticut over Michigan State

North Caronlina over Villanova

Monday’s National Championship (4/06):

Connecticut over North Carolina

2009 NFL Mock Draft X (4/04)

It’s been nearly a month since my last mock draft so I thought it was about time to put up another one. Like I mentioned then, I haven’t really felt a need to put my own mocks up frequently because we’ve had the co-op fan mock draft going on. For those of you who have seen my past mock drafts and know that I normally do three rounds, I decided to got with four rounds this time because last time I only put up two rounds so hopefully this makes up for it. Now that we’re finished with the NFL Combine, and the compensatory picks have been assigned it makes it a lot easier to do more rounds, especially now that all but a few of the top free agents have been signed. Continue reading

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