Ten Truths About The 2009 NFL Draft

1. There aren’t any quarterbacks in this draft that will end up being good enough to be franchise quarterbacks unless they happen to end up somewhere that is a perfect fit.

2. Josh Freeman is severely overrated and will likely be the worst value out of any of the quarterbacks drafted. He only had a 59.1 completion percentage for his career in college and had a 44:34 for his TD:INT ratio, and if you exclude last years games against North Texas, UL-Lafayette and Montana State, Freeman’s completion percentage last year was 54.7 with 11 TDs and 8 INTs.

3. Jason Smith has the red flags for being a bust. He climbed the draft board ridiculously fast out of nowhere after the season was already over.

4. Knowshon Moreno will end up being a much better NFL back than Chris Wells, and if Wells gets drafted first then the team that takes him will end up regretting it.

5. Jeremy Maclin and Percy Harvin will have injury problems throughout their careers and will be drafted too high because of it.

6. Bryan and I each picked a player that we think is the most ready to go in and perform at a high level in the NFL right now. I picked Aaron Curry and Bryan picked Michael Crabtree.

7. Chase Coffman will be the best pass catching tight end to come out of this years draft.

8. Offensive tackle is the strongest position in the draft up front, but running back is the deepest with a lot of great change of pace backs and backs that will excel in a two-back system.

9. Ramses Barden will be much better than expected. It will be like when Marques Colston got drafted late and ended up being a stud. They’re both from small schools and didn’t get much recognition because of it. They’re both big possession receivers. Somebody is going to get Barden late and it will be a steal.

10. If William Moore and/or Patrick Chung fall to the third round then which ever team(s) he/they go to will be getting a great value out of their pick. Bryan says that if William Moore goes to Denver and can play with/under Brian Dawkins for a year or two then that would be very good for him.

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