2010 NFL Draft Live Blog – Day 1

Ok after months of waiting, the 2010 NFL draft is finally here. At 7:30 ET Bryan’s Rams will be on the clock. At this point it seems that among the blog and mock draft world the Rams taking Sam Bradford is a pretty consensus opinion. They could still surprise people and take Ndamukong Suh or even trade out of the first pick, which there have been multiple rumors about. By 6ET I will be sitting here with my TV on ESPN and my Google Chrome window will have all sorts of tabs open, including the wish list I put together for my Colts.

To keep everyone occupied throughout the day until the draft actually starts, you can go check out the three mock drafts that I just put up:

One has Sam Bradford being picked first overall by the Rams.

One has Ndamukong Suh being picked first overall by the Rams.

And the last one has the Rams trading out of the first pick.

You can also check out the final results from the fan mock draft and my 20 previous mock drafts by following the appropriate one of these links: IIIIIIIVVVIVIIVIIIIXX,XIXIIXIIIXIVXVXVIXVIIXVIIIXIX, and XX. Continue reading

2009 NFL Power Rankings (Week 1)

Well here are my power rankings, using the same formula that I developed last year. There are some things that are a little off because all the teams have played only one game but on the whole it’s okay. Once the teams get some realistic win percentages and the strength of schedule numbers have played out a little bit more this will really thrive. The glaring problem right now is that not a single team that lost is ahead of a single team that won. This clearly isn’t accurate but as the season progresses it will work itself out. At the very least you can look at the “Avg Rank” column to see the average ranking from a large number of reputable sources. Either way, here it is: Continue reading

Review of Day 1

Bryan and I thought it would be a good idea to put together a few lists that showed what we thought after Day 1 of the draft. We also just decided not to include the Raiders on the worst 5 teams of Day 1 because they were SO bad that they deserve their own category. Here are the lists: Continue reading

Live Blog of the 2009 NFL Draft (Day 1)

Alright, the actual draft starts in just over four hours. We’ve already got one pick under our belts and we’re ready for the next 255. I’m literally so excited right now that I can’t sit still long enough to write this intro. I have hopes, I have dreams, I have thoughts that don’t even make any sense. I will be putting up the team with the player they picked, his position and college he last played for. I will also be putting up a brief analysis and/or opinion for each pick. After that I will put up a prediction for the next pick or two or maybe more just depending on how I’m feeling in the given moment and then I will join Bryan in the comments section where we hope to have a constant discussion going on, so if you agree or disagree with a pick, or have a question about a pick please let me know in a comment. Also if you agree or disagree with my analysis/opinion on a pick let me know in a comment. Continue reading

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