April Fools Day

As many of you know, I just moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. I left Lawrence, Kansas at about 4:00 yesterday (May 31) and stayed the night at my aunt and uncle’s house as a good half way point then woke up this morning and made the rest of the trip to Knoxville. I arrived today at about 4:00, went to a sports bar on Cumberland Ave and had a beer. I arrived at the place I now call ‘home’ and had some pizza for dinner. I haven’t even unpacked my car entirely yet nonetheless the bags that I have actually brought in, but I got my computer and internet up and running. So what else was there to do? Of course I had to write a post. This is going to be a short post because I’m a little tired from moving half way across the country, but hopefully it’s an entertaining post.

Driving for eight hours in a small car with just my dad and myself on April Fools Day led to a lot of people getting pranks pulled on them via text message, most of which were sports related and started out with a simple, early morning text message saying “Did you see ESPN this morning?!”. Here are a few of the best ones in the order which the occurred: Continue reading

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