Super Bowl XLIV Odds

I found these the other day and thought I’d share them with all of you. I also decided that I’m going to use them to determine the draft order for my second 2010 mock draft. Here they are: Continue reading

Matt Wieters Has Arrived

Matt Wieters

This is the fourth installment in the “Weller’s becoming a baseball fan” series. I have written one or two other baseball posts, but I’m not really counting those as part of this storyline. For the pilot post (if you will) click here. For the posts about my fantasy baseball team and least favorite player, click here and here respectively.

The long-awaited, highly-anticipated, excitement-provoking debut of Matt Wieters occurred on Friday night in a home game against the Detroit Tigers. Wieters is the switch-hitting, right-handed catcher from Georgia Tech, who some have deemed as the “best O’s prospect since Cal (Ripken) Jr.” others have said they wouldn’t put “best all-time offensive catcher out of his reach” and there are even people who have gone as far to call him a “switch-hitting Jesus.” Needless to say, everyone was stoked about him finally being called up from the Minor Leagues. It was great; the fans were excited, the coaches were excited, the players were excited, the analysts were excited and the announcers were excited. Everyone was excited. Wieters, himself, was excited. The Orioles even won, with a nice 7 to 2 victory. Overall it was a great day for Wieters to make his first appearance in the Major Leagues. Continue reading

Day Late Review of the Champions League Final

I kept meaning to write this yesterday, but I went to a Ben Folds concert instead.  Priorities, I guess.  Anyway, yesterday was the UEFA Champions League Final.  For the Americans reading this, it’s the equivalent of the Super Bowl, only bigger.  This year’s final pitted Spanish giants Barcelona against the English side Manchester United.  Barca got into the game on a couple controversial calls in the semifinals against the English version of the Yankees, Chelsea.  That was alright with me, since I don’t like Chelsea or the Yankees.  Manchester United got through after ousting Arsenal, their rivals from London.

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The Kiffin Rule

I wrote a post today for 3SIB about a new rule that might be put into place this week at the annual SEC Spring Meeting. Check it out by clicking here.

Where Might I Find Michael Vick in 2009?

Last year around this time I wrote a post (I’m actually just one week short of it being the exact same date) breaking down each team’s quarterback situation. You can check that out here. This post is going to be similar except it will be to specifically address whether or not each team has a need for Michael Vick and if they do, how much of a need it is. Some teams may need him simply because they need a quarterback, while others might be looking to use him in the Wildcat formation. Just today on’s NFL rumors section they said that the Redskins may be interested in Vick. I’d be interested as to what our commenter, Michael, who is a Redskins fan, thinks about this. Continue reading

Happy Memorial Day

I’d like to share a quick link to a post over at 3SIB that Oskie put up. It was a great idea on his part and I don’t want to steal it by putting something else up over here so instead, I’ll just let you look at what he did. Check it out by clicking here.

Weller’s New Track and Field Post

Weller wrote a new post for the guys at 3SIB.  Go check it out here.  It’s about the SEC Track and Field Championships.

MLB Gets The All-Star Voting Right

That headline may be a little misleading.  They still haven’t gotten the actual All-Star voting right, but they have added something to the ballot that made me happy.

Just like last year around this time, I went to the Cardinals-Cubs series at Busch Stadium.  Just like last year, I grabbed an All-Star Ballot and set to work.  I picked the roster that I felt represented each league the best.  There are going to be some interesting position battles, most notably the 1st base battles in each league.  For the AL, do you go with Justin Morneau, Mark Teixeira, or Carlos Pena?  Teixeira, by the way has raised his batting average 55 points in the last 10 games.  In the NL, do you go with Albert Pujols or Adrian Gonzalez?  This one is a little more clear-cut as their stats are basically the same except Pujols’ average is 49 points higher.

Anyway, that’s not the point of this post.  The focus is the little voting section on the back flap of the All-Star Ballot.

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Jake Peavy Traded to the White Sox…Wait, Just Kidding

050520peavyToday when I got to work I got two text messages at the exact same time and they both said the exact same thing.  “Peavy traded to the White Sox.”  A quick scan of the internets confirmed the reports.  There was no word on which players were being swapped, but the deal had definitely been struck.  Rumors flew about all day about who the Padres would get, the most popular belief being top pitching prospects Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard along with two others.  Our part-time writer and resident White Sox fan seemed to be excited as long as the deal did not include uber-prospect, Gordon Beckham.  Everyone seemed to be happy except there was that minor little detail of Jake Peavy’s no-trade clause.

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Michael Vick Is Out Of Prison

Michael Vick

Michael Vick

We’ve been following the Michael Vick situation rather closely around here.  Back in January, I shared my thoughts on his potential reinstatement.  Really, I’m just interested to see how everyone handles themselves.  Well, tomorrow the circus begins.  Vick will leave his prison cell for two months of home confinement and then, potentially a return to the NFL.

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