Live Blog of the 2009 NFL Draft (Day 1)

Alright, the actual draft starts in just over four hours. We’ve already got one pick under our belts and we’re ready for the next 255. I’m literally so excited right now that I can’t sit still long enough to write this intro. I have hopes, I have dreams, I have thoughts that don’t even make any sense. I will be putting up the team with the player they picked, his position and college he last played for. I will also be putting up a brief analysis and/or opinion for each pick. After that I will put up a prediction for the next pick or two or maybe more just depending on how I’m feeling in the given moment and then I will join Bryan in the comments section where we hope to have a constant discussion going on, so if you agree or disagree with a pick, or have a question about a pick please let me know in a comment. Also if you agree or disagree with my analysis/opinion on a pick let me know in a comment.

1. Detroit Lions – Matthew Stafford, QB, Georgia – This really isn’t a big surprise, a large majority of the mock drafts out there had Stafford going first overall, including mine. However, just because it’s what I thought would happen doesn’t mean I think it was the best pick for the Lions to make. I think that they have so many holes that they should have just taken the best player, who was the most ready to make an impact in the NFL right now. That player in my eyes is Aaron Curry. Stafford may be a good enough player for the NFL but we may never know because he went to the Lions. he’s being set up to fail because there isn’t a team around him that is set up to succeed yet. Just announced officially.

2. St. Louis Rams – Jason Smith, OT, Baylor – They need offensive line help and that’s what they took. I think Monroe would have been the better player to take, but hopefully (for Bryan’s sanity) Jason Smith pans out and lives up to all this hype. I know Bryan isn’t happy at all about this pick but it could have been a lot worse.

3. Kansas City Chiefs – Tyson Jackson, DE, LSU – I don’t know why they made this pick. Aaron Curry would have made significantly more sense. Jackson isn’t even one of the top ten players in the draft. He’s not even the best defensive end in the draft. This pick has me baffled. They obviously saw something they liked in him but they should have realized that they could have traded down a few spots and still had the opportunity to get him.

4. Seattle Seahawks – Aaron Curry, LB, Wake Forest – Great pick. He’s the most NFL ready player in the draft and will be able to contribute immediately.


5. New York Jets – Mark Sanchez, QB, USC – They jumped up 12 spots. That’s going to cost them a lot but if Sanchez is as good as they’re hoping then it will be worth it. I don’t think Sanchez has enough experience yet to really be ready to succeed in the NFL but he seems to be a great kid and should handle the NY media well. It’ll take some time for him to develop but I think this should be a good fit for him.

6. Cincinnati Bengals – Andre Smith, OT, Alabama – I think Andre Smith is going to be very very good in the NFL… IF he can stay out of trouble and mature a little more. I’m surprised that two offensive tackles have been taken before Eugene Monroe, but really the top four OTs could all be very successful in the NFL.

7. Oakland Raiders – Darrius Heyward-Bey, WR, Maryland – Wow. That’s all I can say. Heyward-Bey is a stud, and will be a great wide receiver in the NFL, but Crabtree was WIDELY accepted as the best receiver in the draft. They could have traded way down and still would have been able to take him. Al Davis is a crazy old man, so it doesn’t really matter.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars – Eugene Monroe, OT, Virginia – Thank goodness. This is a great value here, but Monroe doesn’t worry me (as a Colts fan) near as much as Crabtree would.

9. Green Bay Packers – BJ Raji, DT, Boston College – He’s the best player available and is an absolute stud. He’ll be a great NFL player. This will help them out against the Vikings and Adrian Peterson. The NFC North is a run-happy division and so this is a fantastic pick by the Packers.

10. San Francisco 49ers – Michael Crabtree, WR, Texas Tech –This is amazing value out of this pick. He’s arguably the best player in the draft. I think it’s Aaron Curry, but the argument can definitely be made for Crabtree and getting him a number ten is an absolute steal. This may not address their absolute biggest need, but it’s definitely worth it.

11. Buffalo Bills – Aaron Maybin, DE, USC – I can’t believe this. Brian Orakpo should not still be on the board. He’s so so good and now two defensive ends have been taken before him. Aaron Maybin is good but not better than Orakpo. I don’t know when Orakpo will be picked now but someone is going to get a steal.

12. Denver Broncos – Knowshon Moreno, RB, Georgia – I did not see this one coming, but I can’t say it’s a bad pick. Knowshon is a stud and I think he’ll do well in the NFL.

13. Washington Redskins – Brian Orakpo, DE, Texas – This is an absolute steal. Great pick, Washington. They now have Albert Haynesworth in the middle and Orakpo coming off the end. This is going to be a dangerous d-line this year.

14. New Orleans Saints – Malcolm Jenkins, CB, Ohio St – Good pick here by the Saints. He’s a good corner and they need help on defense. I thought they were high on offense and wanted a compliment to Reggie Bush, but they can address that later, and this is a much smarter pick than I gave them credit for.

15. Houston Texans – Brian Cushing, OLB, USCGood pick here. I’m actually worried about the Texans in upcoming years, they are surreptitiously improving and becoming a very dangerous team.

16. San Diego Chargers – Larry English, LB, Northern Illinois – I knew somebody would reach for him and I couldn’t be happier that it’s the Chargers. I don’t think English is even first round talent. He’s early second round talent but definitely not the first half of the first round.


17. Tampa Bay Bucaneers – Josh Freeman, QB, Kansas State – Wow. They’re going to be disappointed. This was a waste of a pick in my opinion. I’m sure Bryan will let you know all about it in the comments. The Bucs had bigger needs to address and Freeman is SEVERELY overrated.

18. Denver Broncos – Robert Ayers, DE/OLB, Tennessee – Good pick here. Ayers is a stud, and while Tennessee wasn’t very successful as a team last year the defense was amazing. He should be able to come in and play immediately and help out the Broncos defense.


19. Philadelphia Eagles – Jeremy Maclin, WR, Missouri – This should work out well, it gives McNabb a good target to go with their other young wide receivers.

20. Detroit Lions – Brandon Pettigrew, TE, Oklahoma State – What? I mean this gives Stafford a nice big target to throw to and Pettigrew is a good blocker but they probably should have addressed defense here or taken an offensive tackle like Michael Oher.

21. Cleveland Brown – Alex Mack, C, California – Mack is the best center in the draft but I’m a little surprised to see him go this early. I think it’ll work out, and he’ll be able to help protect Brady Quinn.

22. Minnesota Vikings – percy harvin, WR, florida – This gives them another offensive weapon. I hate florida so I’m already convinced that harvin will be a bust with off field issues.


23. Baltimore Ravens – Michael Oher, OT, Mississippi – Great pick here, amazing value here and it’ll help out with protecting Joe Flacco. I love it when the players clearly have a true appreciation for their opportunity to be a professional athlete and Oher is definitely that way. I’m happy for him and the Ravens. Great pick.

24. Atlanta Falcons – Peria Jerry, DT, Mississippi – It was so close to having him fall to us (the Colts) but it’ll be alright. I’m really worried that we’re going to take Chris Wells because I don’t want Wells at all. Peria Jerry is a stud and the Falcons are going to be good again this year.

25. Miami Dolphins – Vontae Davis, CB, IllinoisThis is going to help the Dolphins out a lot. With both Randy Moss and Terrell Owens being in the same division now, defensive secondary is going to be very important.


26. Green Bay Packers – Clay Matthews, LB, USC – Good pick here. I really don’t know who the Colts are going to pick but this is a good pick for the Packers, they’re really trying to improve their defense and they’re taking the right steps in that direction.

27. Indianapolis Colts – Donald Brown, RB, Connecticut – In Bill Polian I trust. I am happy with this pick. Donald Brown is a stud and will be a great compliment to Joseph Addai. This way we can go back to the two back system that took us to and won the Super Bowl in the 2006 season. He can run, catch and block, just what we were looking for.

28. Buffalo Bills – Eric Wood, C, Louisville – Eric Wood is very good, they addressed d-line with their first pick of the first round and now they’ve addressed o-line.

29. New York Giants – Hakeem Nicks, WR, North Carolina – Smart pick here, this will really help Eli Manning and the rest of the team adjust to not having Plaxico Burress.

30. Tennessee Titans – Kenny Britt, WR, Rutgers The Titans have needed a good WR for quite a while now, this wasn’t a big surprise.  Good pick.

31. Arizona Cardinals – Chris Wells, RB, Ohio State – I don’t think Wells is going to be a successful NFL back but going to a team like Arizona where the defense is going to be focusing primarily on the passing game, he might be able to exceed my expectations.

32. Pittsburgh Steelers – Evander Hood, DT, Missouri – The Steelers are building on their strengths here. They had a great defense last year and are making it even better.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ROUND 2 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

33. Detroit Lions – Louis Delmas, FS, Western Michigan – Interesting pick here. We’ll see how he does in the NFL. The Lions need him to be great, that much is for sure.

34. new england patriots – patrick chung, SS, Oregon – Can you say reach? I don’t even think Chung is one of the top 50 players in this draft. Haha, suck it, cheaters!

35. St. Louis Rams – James Laurinaitis, ILB, Ohio State – Well it’s the position that Bryan wanted to draft, just not the same person… I think I sense a theme here.

36. Cleveland Browns – Brian Robiskie, WR, Ohio StateHe’s the best receiver available but I don’t think it’s exactly great value here.


37. Denver Broncos – Alphonso Smith, CB, Wake Forest – It’s an interesting pick, but their defense does need to be improved so I guess it makes sense.

38. Cincinnati Bengals – Rey Maualuga, ILB, USC – It’s about time somebody took Maualuga. This is GREAT value here. Good pick for the Bengals.

39. Jacksonville Jaguars – Eben Britton, OT, ArizonaAnother offensive tackle?

TRADE UPDATE: The new england patriots traded up to the 40th overall pick with the Raiders.

40. new england patriots – Ron Brace, DT, Boston College – Another player that I don’t even think is a top 50 player in the draft. Not too much of a reach but enough of one to confuse me a little bit. I don’t know why they felt the need to trade up seven spots to make this pick.

41. new england patriots – Darius Butler, CB, Connecticut – Now this pick actually makes sense. This is actually a huge steal. The pats need help in the secondary so this is a smart pick for them.

42. Buffalo Bills – Jairus Byrd, CB, Oregon – Good pick here. Not much of a reach and addresses a need.

43. Carolina Panthers – Everette Brown, DE, Florida State – Well this is a steal. I can’t believe Brown fell this far.

44. Miami Dolphins – Pat White, QB/WR, West Virginia – I don’t understand this pick. Are they going to use him as a wide receiver and then maybe in the wild cat offense also?

45. New York Giants – Clint Sintim, OLB, Virginia – This is a good pick here. The Giants are looking like they’ll be contenders again next year.

46. Houston Texans – Connor Barwin, DE, Cincinnati – Good value and a good pick in general. It’s safe to say that I’m more worried about the Texans this year than I am about the Jaguars.

47. Oakland Raiders – Michael Mitchell, SS, Ohio – What in the world?! This is a HORRIBLE pick. I didn’t think Michael Mitchell would even get drafted! Al Davis is a freaking idiot. I blame anything and everything that goes wrong with that organization on him, because he’s freaking crazy. This is the worst pick in the history of the NFL draft… To Michael Mitchell, congrats, go celebrate, this is the best moment of your life and probably the biggest shock of your life. You were just taken 47th overall in the NFL Draft.

48. Denver Broncos – Darcel McBath, CB, Texas Tech – I can’t get my mind off of the last pick… give me a few minutes and I’ll let you know what I think of this one. This pick is a little bit of a reach.

49. Seattle Seahawks – Max Unger, OT, Oregon – Good pick here. Good value here.

50. Cleveland Browns -Mohamed Massaquoi, WR, Georgia – Two wide receivers for the Browns in round two. They’re clearly trying to do what they can to help Brady Quinn out as much as they can.

51. Buffalo Bills – Andy Levitre, OL, Oregon State – A good, versatile offensive lineman, but I think it’s a bit of a reach.

52. Cleveland Browns – David Veikune, DE, Hawaii – This is a big reach. I’m surprised to see Veikune taken this early.

53. Philadelphia Eagles -LeSean McCoy, RB, Pittsburgh – He’s a great player and is good value here.

54. Minnesota Vikings – Phil Loadholt, OL, Oklahoma – He can play both offensive tackle and offensive guard. The Vikings need some versatile depth on their o-line so this works.

55. Atlanta Falcons – William Moore, FS, Missouri – Great pick here. Willy Mo is good value at this pick and plays a lot like Brian Dawkins, he should be able to help the Falcons out a lot.

56. Indianapolis Colts – Fili Moala – DT – USC – Boom! I’m excited about this pick. I would trust Bill Polian if he said that a ten year old would be a good fit for the Colts. So I’m definitely happy about us trading up and going after Fili Moala. We need a defensive tackle and he’s a great fit.

57. Baltimore Ravens – Paul Kruger, DE, Utah – Good pick here. The Ravens have had a nice draft so far.

58. new england patriots -Sebastian Vollmer, OT, Houston – The patriots are having an absolutely HORRIBLE draft. They are just wasting these picks. Vollmer isn’t even a player in the top 150.

59. Carolina Panthers – Sherrod Martin, CB, Troy – This is a little bit of a reach but it’s understandable.

60. New York Giants -William Beatty, OT, Connecticut – This is GREAT value here. This is a very good pick. Hakeem Nicks, Clint Sintim and now William Beatty, the Giants are putting together a good draft.

61. Miami Dolphins – Sean Smith, CB, Utah – Bryan really wanted Smith to fall to his Rams in the third round, and it was oh so close. This is ridiculously good value. The only thing that makes me question it is that the Dolphins took Vontae Davis in the first round.

62. Tennessee Titans – Sen’Derrick Marks, DT, Auburn – I’m really glad the Colts traded up and got Fili Moala and didn’t end up having to take Marks. This is a bit of a reach and I think he’s just more of third round talent and isn’t quite good enough to be taken in the second round but this draft is thin at defensive tackle.

63. Arizona Cardinals – Cody Brown – DE – Connecticut – Hmmm, I feel like this is a pretty big reach. I think Jarron Gilbert would have been a much better pick here.

64. Denver Broncos – Richard Quinn, TE, North Carolina – They traded up for this? What in the world? I can think of six tight ends off the top of my head immediately that I would take before him.


167 Responses

  1. Please trade, Rams. Please.

    • As a Rams fan, I hate the pick. I wanted Eugene Monroe.

      Jason Smith rocketed up the draft charts after the season ended Eugene Monroe was was top rated coming out of high school and top rated in college. There’s a reason for that.

      I didn’t know who Jason Smith was before January.

  2. How about: Rams trade the number two pick to the Vikings for QB Tavaris Jackson……

    No, please go on and pick Monroe. (One OT and one QB gone after KC gives the Hawks the best chance of trading down, so I’m thinking along the same lines as you)

  3. At least the Rams didn’t screw up and take Tyson Jackson. Wow.

  4. Woah. KC. There’s a surprise.

  5. Smith was 1st team Big 12 so he can’t be exactly terrible. I was wondering the same thing about Jackson. I haven’t heard anything about him. At least Washington hasn’t made a trade to get Sanchez yet. I wouldn’t be surprised to Sanchez picked at 4 but I still think Crabtree is the pick

  6. So what about the Browns? Do they trade down with Edwards, Quinn, and Anderson all on the block? Who do you try to move?

  7. The Jets just traded up! Is this a QB? It looks that they are taking Sanchez! The Bengals can get Monroe if they want him

  8. Most def. its Sanchez time. Any news on what they gave up to get Sanchez? I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Browns trade Anderson and stock pile picks for the next year or 2 and hopefully get a strong young team together in about 2-4 years.

    • 3 players, swap first rounders and a second rounder to the Browns.

      It was something they needed to do and they didn’t give up and 2010 picks.

  9. So why would the Browns take another QB in a trade?

  10. Good move by Browns. No idea what Curry was doing there at 4 for us. I can only imagine that we have been lucky as a result of the Zach Thomas signing by Kansas. So its Sanchez – Monroe – Crabtree. I’ll get on with some work while that’s going on….

  11. Andre Smith? Thoughts, Reed?

  12. That’s unbelievable. Epic fail, Raiders.

  13. Wow Crabtree is sliding. With Sanchez gone, I don’t think Washington can really screw up their draft now.

  14. I really don’t want Crabtree in Jacksonville… if they draft Eugene Monroe that’s fine… he can’t block Dwight Freeney

  15. Now the 49ers are going to get Crabtree or Maclin. That means the NFC West got Curry, a top WR….while the Rams take an OT from Baylor. Awesome.

    • Like I said earlier, 1st team All Big12 which means he isn’t a joke of a player or at least he shouldn’t be. Also hasn’t Monroe had knee surgery already?

    • I know he’s not a joke, however, he’s only played the position for 2 years. The Rams don’t exactly have a track record of developing players. Alex Barron was supposed to be amazing and that hasn’t worked out. Maybe the new staff can change that, but until then, I want to take the more sure thing. In this case, that was Monroe.

  16. It’s not the Jason Smith will be bad, but I definitely don’t think he’s the best o-tackle in this draft and certainly not the second best player overall…

  17. If Crabtree doesn’t go to SF where does he end up?

  18. I was going to say San Diego but now we don’t have to worry about it.

  19. All the Crabtree’s have perfect teeth. Just sayin.

  20. I can’t believe Orakpo is still on the board.

  21. What an odd pick for the Bronocos…their D is awful.

  22. Huge shocker there. I would expect some defense to be drafted or to have gotten Sanchez. Come on Washington take Orakpo.

  23. Be very happy, Michael.

  24. Saints take Wells? Oher? Ayers?

  25. Good pick but some injury issues. Also many people had Brown in the top 10 where do we see him falling to?

  26. Haha, I’m trying Michael… I have putting up an analysis of the actual picks up as a higher priority than putting up predicted picks… but I’ll change that if you guys want me to.

  27. If Jeremy Maclin (by no means do I think he will) falls to the Colts I’m throwing a party and everyone is invited… just to throw that out there, lol

  28. Back to the Browns, what do they do here?

  29. Oher is going to be a steal for someone.

  30. I’ve no pictures. Is there anyone still there in the Green Room? Think I read that Josh Freeman was invited. If so, I reckon he’ll either go to Tampa or beat Brady Quinn’s pick 21 (if my memory is correct) by 12 at least.

  31. I’m trying to stay 10 picks ahead on listing the upcoming teams and 5 picks ahead on my predicted picks… do you guys like that, or do you want me to go further ahead with one, the other, or both?

  32. What the hell? The Browns trade again?

  33. Maclin or Freeman? I hope for the Bucs sake it’s Maclin.

  34. I don’t think Denver would have taken him anyway.

  35. Haha, yeah… the Browns are trading all over the place

  36. I’m starting to wonder if Washington will trade their first round next year to get in and get Oher, since he has fallen so far.

  37. Eagles traded up

  38. Maclin at 19? That’s gold.

  39. Lions have to go D or pick up Oher here.

  40. Interesting pick for the Browns. Make sense on why they dropped so far today.

  41. There’s still lots of players around to fit one of their multiple needs on Defence – and they have pick 33 to start with. Pettigrew is the standout TE though, and he wouldn’t have been there at 33.

  42. So where do Oher and Brown fall now? They have fallen so far from where they were projected.

  43. Ravens trading up for who? I can’t think of what they might need. Nicks maybe?

  44. With Jerry picked, who do you think you guys are going to be getting?

  45. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Lions take Michael Johnson at 33

  46. I want Hakeem Nicks or Ziggy Hood… I really don’t want Beanie Wells… at all.

  47. Green Bay is having a good draft. Two solid guys who can their D.

  48. Should the Rams trade up for Mualuga?

    • How do you feel about Laurinitis or whatever his name is from OSU?

    • I’m not sure yet. I think I’d be okay. I’m watching it with my Rams’ fan friend and he wants Laurinitis.

    • Either way I think you are safe where you are. The Lions will probably waste their pick so you should be okay.

  49. Listen Weller, Clay Matthews has already been selected, therefore he can’t be the next pick.

  50. What about the Titans going with the WR from Rugters here or trading for Boldin?

  51. Come on Ruskell, trade up and get Britton before the Steelers pick. There are still a number of CB’s and WR’s for Tennessee…..

  52. Weller’s internet quit working. He’s working on it

  53. Ziggy! Go Mizzou.

  54. So why did the Lions pick a CB here?

  55. Rams have to take Maualuga. Have to, have to have to.

  56. Here is the thing about the Patriots, they seem to do good in the draft. I wouldn’t be surprised if Chung ends up being a solid player for them.

  57. What??
    I’d have taken Britton or Unger or Sean Smith at this point.
    That being said, it’s probably a good trade as Denver are probably going to suck bad in 2009, so that’ll turn out to be a top 12 pick.

  58. I’m back in action!

  59. Maualuga and Rivers reunite

  60. So who is having the best draft so far?

    • The Packers jump out at me as of right now.

    • Packers, Houston, Cleveland, San Fran.
      That being said, the Seahawks have only had one pick and he’s the best guy in the draft. That gives us 100% so far.

  61. I am thinking the Bungles are actually doing fairly well also. Smith should be a solid OT and then getting Maualuga in the 2nd round is awesome.

  62. How old is the Jags O-line? Could they be using Britton as a RT?

  63. I’ve asked a few times but why has E. Brown fallen this far? 2 solid picks for the Patriots once again.

  64. So if Brace isn’t a top 50 player why did you expect him to go 41 in your last mock draft?

  65. Would you take William Beatty over Xavier Fulton?

  66. How did the Seahawks get pick 48?

    • Weller was trying to foreshadow a trade. He failed.

      49ers and your Hawks have 2 firsts next year. I’m not happy about that.

    • Perhaps we can trade one to the Raiders for that awesome safety they’ve just picked.
      I do court of protection work and deal with people with mental health issues. Al Davis isn’t suffering from senile dementia but looks to bear all the signs of a neighbour persecution complex, although how that can be the case with Denver and Kansas City in their division, I have no idea.

    • Tim, that’s hilarious

  67. Sintim to the Giants, nice pick.

  68. I think Pat White is a good pick for the Dolphins. He adds some versatility from the Pennington drop back style.

  69. Al Davis is crazy.

  70. It’s 7 minutes to 2 in the morning here. Did I just fall asleep and wake up in Round 7. Didn’t that t*at Shanahan get fired because he couldn’t draft?

    • Obviously not. Now I’m awake. Don’t know how we got pick 49 but Max Unger – that’s a steal. He was my second choice for pick 37. Ruskell, all is forgiven.

    • Yeah, you get Unger and a 1st rounder for next year? You guys are doing well.

  71. So the Browns trade down a thousand times, and then pick 2 receivers. Is Edwards on the move for sure or is this in case Stallworth can’t come back?

  72. Levitre over Urbik and Robinson? Thoughts?

  73. Al Davis needs to have his team taken away from him. That is just ridiculous.

  74. Willy Mo to Atlanta. Three Tigers on the first day. Woo hoo!

  75. Beatty is finally taken.

  76. Day 1 complete. Thanks for dropping by guys, it was fun. We’ll do it again tomorrow. Tim, hope you can join us from across the pond again, now go get some sleep!

  77. As the Patriots rep from the mock drafts, I hate to agree with Weller, but he is right. I’ll kick his ass for the cheaters comment later on.

    The Patriots draft history under Belichick is far from outstanding. Some draft years in this decade have been downright terrible. This team has been built a lot through trades (Welker, Moss, Dillon) and free agents (Vrabel, Harrison, Adalius Thomas, etc.).
    I guess the feeling is if you get 20 picks and 3 of them are good, it is a good draft.
    Chung was a pick done out out fear because the Lions took Delmas, people in New England love the Brace pick, but that’s because he went to BC. I didn’t like the pick.
    I love the Darius Butler pick. I have no idea what the reasoning behind the Sebastian Vollmer pick was. He’s a giant, but he would have been around on Sunday.

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