April Fools Day

As many of you know, I just moved to Knoxville, Tennessee. I left Lawrence, Kansas at about 4:00 yesterday (May 31) and stayed the night at my aunt and uncle’s house as a good half way point then woke up this morning and made the rest of the trip to Knoxville. I arrived today at about 4:00, went to a sports bar on Cumberland Ave and had a beer. I arrived at the place I now call ‘home’ and had some pizza for dinner. I haven’t even unpacked my car entirely yet nonetheless the bags that I have actually brought in, but I got my computer and internet up and running. So what else was there to do? Of course I had to write a post. This is going to be a short post because I’m a little tired from moving half way across the country, but hopefully it’s an entertaining post.

Driving for eight hours in a small car with just my dad and myself on April Fools Day led to a lot of people getting pranks pulled on them via text message, most of which were sports related and started out with a simple, early morning text message saying “Did you see ESPN this morning?!”. Here are a few of the best ones in the order which the occurred:

1. Victim – Multiple KU basketball fans.

Prank – After they responded to my first text saying something along the lines of “no, I missed it. What happened?” I would send one back saying “Bill Self announced that he’s taking the now vacant coaching job at Memphis.” The best response I got back on this was from my friend Jason, who simply responded “WHAT!!!”

2. Victim – My friend Marianna, who lives in Baltimore and is a huge Ravens fan.

Prank – She sent me a text after I asked her about seeing ESPN saying “no? I just woke up…” which is obviously what I’m hoping for because then she doesn’t have time to think about what day it is. I told her that Joe Flacco had injured his throwing shoulder, that he was going to have surgery on it either later this week or early next week and that he’s expected to miss most of the season. She sarcastically responded, “I love my life…” to which I kindly responded with hey you still have a good defense, that should at least keep you in some games. A few minutes later I get another text from her saying “…I don’t see anything on the internet about it?” setting me up perfectly to say “did you try googling April Fools?” to which I got a response that contained a choice word or two. The best part is that she had already told multiple people about Joe Flacco’s supposed injury before she found out it was a joke. HA!

3. Victim – My friend Michael who is also one of our most frequent commenters as well as our Redskins rep for the co-op mock draft we have going on. As you can probably guess based on the fact that he’s our Redskins rep, he’s a huge Redskins fan.

Prank – Michael is also a University of Kentucky fan so he responded saying, “Saw it last night that they hired him” thinking that I was telling him about the Wildcats hiring John Calipari as their new basketball coach.  I responded with something like no, dude. Clinton Portis unexpectedly announced his retirement. He said back, “Weller this better be an april fools joke or its going to be a sad day.” I couldn’t bait him any further after that so I told him that it was a joke. He later said that I almost had him and that he wouldn’t have thought about it being April 1 if someone hadn’t said something to him.

4. Victim – My friend Ross, who is also a huge Tennessee Vols fan.

Prank – I’m not entirely sure I ever told Ross that this was an April Fools joke… maybe I should text him real quick and let him know. Either way, I told him that Tennessee had been caught making recruiting violations when going after Bryce Brown and that the Vols had to forfeit ten of their scholarships for the 2010 recruiting class and that the NCAA was trying to decide if any further punishment would be given. He responded with some expletives and said “what did they do, buy him a house?!” which I thought was really funny. And don’t worry, I just sent him a text to tell him that it was a joke. He told me that it was well played.

I believe I was also semi-involved in a prank my sister played on Bryan but I don’t really even know what that one was about so I can’t tell the story. I hope you all had a great April Fools Day! If you have any good prank stories or have anything else you’d like to say please fell free to leave a comment.

4 Responses

  1. Sports pranks are the worst because they cut to the heart of all that is good in the world…..

  2. Haha, that is very true… your husband and his brother tried to pull one on me, but I wasn’t falling for it! haha

  3. As your co-conspirator I have to say that April Fools Day 2009 was the best ever! We laughed so hard, so many times, that it was hard to see the road through the tears.

    Good times. Good memories.

  4. I had a blast to say the least!

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