MLB Draft Day

Alright.  I just got in from work and my computer is up and running.  The Nats are about to take Stephen Strasburg and Weller is nowhere to be found.  Barring some sort of crazy development, I’m not going to live blog this, but I’ll give some end thoughts at the conclusion of Rounds 1-4.  I want the Braves to take Tyler Matzek or Zack Wheeler, but I’m not sure either will be there when we pick at #7.  Rumor has it that we are interested in UNC righty Alex White and Vanderbilt lefty Mike Minor.  We’ll see.


5 Responses

  1. Where is the recap? I was expecting to see how well weller can guess. Hopefully better than football.

    • Yeah, no one has heard from Weller in like 10 days. His thoughts might have been interesting except he’d be like some girls and the NCAA Tournament and not know anything but get everything right.

    • Yeah… my thoughts probably would have been something along the lines of “that guy has a cool name, so he’ll probably be really good.”

  2. I meant bryan not weller. Sorry about that.

  3. […] we have a sport that one of us here at WaB cares about so it gets its own post.  Much like the Major League Baesball Draft, I don’t know many of these kids aside from what I read on the internet.  I tried my hand at […]

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