The Biggest Jackass Ever

Here at WaB we like to call out jackasses.  Even if there isn’t much of a reason.  Either way, this guy trumps all of those people put together.  In fact, its people like this guy that make that one dude from The Hills look like a choir boy.  For those of you who don’t want to read the article, here is the general idea.

In 2004, the Oakland A’s held a promotion on Mother’s Day where they gave away free mammograms, held a 5K run for breast cancer research, and gave away floppy sun hats from Macy’s to the first 7500 women through the gate.  Well done, Oakland, that’s very commendable.

Unfortunately, Lawyer Alfred G. Rava took offense to the fact that he didn’t get a womens’ floppy sun hat.  And he sued.  And he won.

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