One of my favorite posts

3SIBI put up a new post over at 3SIB and I think it’s easily one of my favorite all-time posts. It’s even right up there with The Kiss-Cam Experience post. This one is about what team would win, the All-Time Tennessee Team or the All-Time Alabama Team. There are a few twists, so it’s not quite that straight forward, but I explained it all over there. Continue reading

Thank You, Penguins!

Tonight, the Pittsburgh Penguins saved the hockey world from another boring Stanley Cup champion.  I’ll be honest, I didn’t think the Penguins had a chance at the beginning of the series.  I thought their chances were even slimmer when Detroit won the first two games of the series.  Then, the Pens woke up.

This also means that Pittsburgh is now home to the Super Bowl and the Stanley Cup.  Now when the Pirates get going….ah never mind.

So since I’m not really a Penguins fan and I really hate the Red Wings, I’m going to let you all know a couple facts about Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals that you may not have realized.

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