MLB Draft Recap

First thing:  the draft was boring.

That says a lot since I love watching any sort of draft.  The first three rounds were shown on the MLB network, which I don’t get, so I was relegated to watching on my laptop.  Maybe that’s why I wasn’t too keen on paying attention to all the picks, I don’t know, but it certainly didn’t help.

Maybe it was that Bud Selig has the personality of a wet dish rag.  Maybe it was the fact that he said “Cincinnata” or said that AJ Pollock went to school at Notre Dame in Notre Dame, Indiana.  I watched the majority of the thing on mute.

Whatever the reason, I would much rather watch Peter Gammons, Buster Olney and Keith Law.  Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, on to the picks.

The first three picks didn’t really surprise anyone.  Past that, the only picks I got correct in my mock draft was Detroit’s 9th overall pick, Jacob Turner and Arizona’s 17th overall pick, Bobby Borchering.  It’s better than I thought I’d do.

Pittsburgh surprised me with the fourth overall pick, catcher Tony Sanchez from Boston College.  ESPN had him as the 29th best player on the board and there was all kinds of talent still on the board.

Baltimore took a prep pitcher, Matt Hobgood, with the fifth overall pick.  He surprised a few people including myself.  I didn’t have Hobgood’s name listed in my draft.  This was an oversight on my part, but I wouldn’t have had him any higher than 20.

With all the high school pitching talent in this draft, I thought the Braves were a shoo in to take a prep pitcher with their first pick, but when the Giants snatched Zack Wheeler up with the sixth pick, the Braves moved to the collegiate ranks.  They took Vanderbilt lefty Mike Minor.  I’m not wild about it, but Minor could be an average type pitcher.  I would have enjoyed seeing Tyler Matzek, Matt Purke, or Shelby Miller.  I was unaware of the large bonus demands of Matzek, but he’s going to be the best one of the group.  The Rockies scooped him up at number 11.

The Cincinnati Reds took Arizona State hurler Mike Leake over UNC’s Alex White.  That surprised some folks including Leake himself, which was kind of funny.  White would go 15th to the Cleveland Indians.

The Nationals selected pitcher Drew Storen from Stanford with the 10th overall pick.  He’ll be a candidate to be the first player from this draft to reach the majors.

The Kansas City Royals took local boy Aaron Crow from the University of Missouri with the 12th pick.  He’s originally from just across the border in Kansas.  I had them taking USC shortstop Grant Green with that pick so they could fill the void between second and third base, but Crow was a good pick.  The Oakland A’s would take Green with the next pick.

My vote for best pick of the evening goes to the St. Louis Cardinals with their selection of righty Shelby Miller.  I had Miller going 8th to the Reds so I was shocked to see him fall so far.  Great pick there.

The Minnesota Twins got top 5 talent at pick number 22 when they took Kyle Gibson, also from Mizzou.  Teams shied away from the righty due to a stress fracture in his right wrist that led to decreased velocity in his final start.

The strangest pick of the first round had to be the Angels selection of prep outfielder Randal Grichuk.  I still have no idea who he is.  They followed this pick up by taking another high school outfielder, Michael Trout.

A close runner up in the odd pick department was the Mariner’s selection of shortstop Nick Franklin.  This one I can kind of understand.  The M’s will have to shell out plenty of money for their five Day One picks, so taking a few guys under their slot isn’t a bad idea.

In my estimation, the Colorado Rockies and the Kansas City Royals had the best first day.  The Rockies got Matzek and OF Tim Wheeler in the first round, which is a nice pair.  The Royals took Crow and catcher Wil Myers with their third rounder.  I had Myers at the end of the first round in my draft.

The best player left is another catcher Max Stassi.  He may be swayed if a team wants to overpay his slot.  It will be tough to convince him not to go to college.  A couple more names who figure to have their names called early in Round 4: Brooks Raley, Madison Younginer, Kendal Volz, Chris Dwyer, and Scott Griggs.

I’m hoping the Braves get a shot a Younginer.

What do you all think?  Who had the best day?  The worst day?

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