USA Falls to Brazil

USA vs ItalyI really don’t want to write this because I’m still frustrated about the second half of that game.  The Americans seem to either play brilliantly (see, Spain and Egypt) or fall flat on their faces (see, Costa Rice, Brazil, Italy).  Today, they managed to do both.

The first half was spectacular.  The US hung with Brazil in even aspect of the game.  They looked great.  They carried a 2-0 lead into the half and were poised to win their first FIFA sanctioned tournament.

Instead, the wheels fell off and Brazil scored three unanswered goals (should have been four) and sent the US to a second place finish.

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Tennessee Gets A New Commitment… From a 13 year old?

I know what you’re thinking. “He’s thirteen, how can we be sure we’re going to want him when he’s 18?” And my answer is simple: he is Eric Berry’s younger brother, Evan. Read what I wrote about it for 3SIB by clicking here.

Most Fuel Efficient NFL Divisions

I was bored today and my mind started to wander in the direction it always tends to wander when I get bored and that would be towards football. Somehow or another my chain of thoughts made me wonder how many miles the 32 NFL teams travel on average per season when they fly around the country to play football. Then I thought to myself “man, if they reorganized the divisions I bet they could save ton of money on fuel costs.” And next thing you know, I’m looking up distances between different NFL cities and seeing what would be the most efficient way to arrange the divisions to minimize total travel distance for the teams to play games within their division.

Let me first start by saying that I realize this would ruin a lot of the tradition in the NFL and would be breaking up bunch of the divisions historical division rivalries and by no means am I actually proposing that the NFL does this. It’s just something interesting to look at. I just wanted to see how many total miles of flying is done by the NFL for division games, and then come up with the divisions that would reduce that number the greatest amount and then compare. Continue reading

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