NHL Draft Day

Last night the NBA gave us a warm up for tonight’s NHL Draft.  I watched the first round of basketball’s annual event and then realized once again that I didn’t like basketball.  Go Grizzlies, I guess.

Anyway, tonight we have a sport that one of us here at WaB cares about so it gets its own post.  Much like the Major League Baesball Draft, I don’t know many of these kids aside from what I read on the internet.  I tried my hand at a first round mock draft for baseball and I failed miserably.  I’d be even worse at a hockey one, so I won’t try.

All indications point to John Tavares being the number one overall pick for the New York Islanders.  The Isles may surprise everyone and take the big Swedish defenseman, Victor Hedman.  That’s when things could get interesting.

If the Isles pass on Tavares, the Lightning could trade down out of the #2 spot to one of the many team who covet Tavares’ skill.  Word is that Maple Leafs are interested in trading up, but are unwilling to part with their own young D-man, Luke Schenn.

Now, probably, the Islanders will just take Tavares and the Lightning will take Hedman, but the speculation is half the fun in drafts.  Past that, I don’t really know who is good and who isn’t.

The big news will be the trades that are made, or not made.  Jay Bouwmeester and Dany Heatley are rumored to be on the move.

I’m sure I’ll be updating this after the first round is done tonight.  The draft is on Versus, so that means only about seven people can see it.  Awesome, NHL.  Awesome.


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  1. […] know it was going on (unless you frequent WaB and for that, we thank you).  As I outlined here, there was potential for a pretty wild day with trades and picks being sent all over the place.  […]

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