Where Might I Find Michael Vick in 2009?

Last year around this time I wrote a post (I’m actually just one week short of it being the exact same date) breaking down each team’s quarterback situation. You can check that out here. This post is going to be similar except it will be to specifically address whether or not each team has a need for Michael Vick and if they do, how much of a need it is. Some teams may need him simply because they need a quarterback, while others might be looking to use him in the Wildcat formation. Just today on ESPN.com’s NFL rumors section they said that the Redskins may be interested in Vick. I’d be interested as to what our commenter, Michael, who is a Redskins fan, thinks about this. Continue reading

Michael Vick Is Out Of Prison

Michael Vick

Michael Vick

We’ve been following the Michael Vick situation rather closely around here.  Back in January, I shared my thoughts on his potential reinstatement.  Really, I’m just interested to see how everyone handles themselves.  Well, tomorrow the circus begins.  Vick will leave his prison cell for two months of home confinement and then, potentially a return to the NFL.

Continue reading

Michael Vick Is Back In The News

Michael Vick

Michael Vick

I’m feeling pretty good tonight after the Blues 2-0 win over the Blackhawks, Mizzou’s 97-95 win at Oklahoma St., and Florida’s last second loss against South Carolina so I feel like addressing one of those hot button issues.  That issue is the return of Mike Vick.

By now, everyone knows the story.   All-world talent, all-world stupidity.  Vick is currently on the backside of the 23-month sentence he received as part of his dogfighting case.

Vick also had some highly publicized incidents involving marijuana and and obscene gesture toward some fans.  Like I said, all-world stupid. Continue reading

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