Matt Wieters Has Arrived

Matt Wieters

This is the fourth installment in the “Weller’s becoming a baseball fan” series. I have written one or two other baseball posts, but I’m not really counting those as part of this storyline. For the pilot post (if you will) click here. For the posts about my fantasy baseball team and least favorite player, click here and here respectively.

The long-awaited, highly-anticipated, excitement-provoking debut of Matt Wieters occurred on Friday night in a home game against the Detroit Tigers. Wieters is the switch-hitting, right-handed catcher from Georgia Tech, who some have deemed as the “best O’s prospect since Cal (Ripken) Jr.” others have said they wouldn’t put “best all-time offensive catcher out of his reach” and there are even people who have gone as far to call him a “switch-hitting Jesus.” Needless to say, everyone was stoked about him finally being called up from the Minor Leagues. It was great; the fans were excited, the coaches were excited, the players were excited, the analysts were excited and the announcers were excited. Everyone was excited. Wieters, himself, was excited. The Orioles even won, with a nice 7 to 2 victory. Overall it was a great day for Wieters to make his first appearance in the Major Leagues.

The only problem was that he went 0 for 4 at the plate, with one strike out. After one game he had a .000 batting average and a .000 on base percentage. Not pretty, right?

It’s okay, today Wieters had the opportunity to redeem himself. So after shaking off the nerves and getting the butterflies out of his stomach, he had a much better outing. In the second game of his MLB career, Wieters went 2 this time around, with a double and a triple and a scored run. He’s also starting for my fantasy team. This brought his career numbers up to a .250 batting average and a .250 on base percentage to go along with a .625 slugging percentage. I will be following Wieters progression closely. I’m excited to have a player that I can literally track from his first game. This right here is the first thing to happen that has really made me want to follow baseball. If you listen really hard, I think you can hear Bryan cheering about this. I’m serious though, I can get excited about watching a new player and following his development.

On a semi-unrelated note, my fantasy baseball team is currently 7th in my fantasy baseball league, but I am winning my current matchup 7 to 0.

2 Responses

  1. Nice article! I like to watch the new-comers rise up through the ranks and I always enjoy their personal stories of success. I’ll be keeping an eye on the new kid, too!

  2. […] week, new Orioles fan Weller got his wish when Matt Wieters was called up to the majors.  Today, long time Braves fan, me, got my wish when it was announced that Tommy Hanson would start […]

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