Jake Peavy Traded to the White Sox…Wait, Just Kidding

050520peavyToday when I got to work I got two text messages at the exact same time and they both said the exact same thing.  “Peavy traded to the White Sox.”  A quick scan of the internets confirmed the reports.  There was no word on which players were being swapped, but the deal had definitely been struck.  Rumors flew about all day about who the Padres would get, the most popular belief being top pitching prospects Aaron Poreda and Clayton Richard along with two others.  Our part-time writer and resident White Sox fan seemed to be excited as long as the deal did not include uber-prospect, Gordon Beckham.  Everyone seemed to be happy except there was that minor little detail of Jake Peavy’s no-trade clause.

To me, the deal seemed a little odd.  The Padres had insisted on receiving major league-ready players from the Atlanta Braves when the two teams were discussing a deal this offseason.  The Braves were willing to part with their good, young starting shortstop, Yunel Escobar.  They would have also given up more prospects, but Escobar was the center piece of the proposed deal.  The popular rumor today was that the White Sox were going to give up four pitchers.  I just thought it was interesting because I thought that the Padres were looking for a Major League or almost Major League-ready shortstop prospect, in addition to pitching.  They obviously didn’t push real hard for Beckham.

The Padres also didn’t push the issue when the Braves refused to trade top pitching prospect Tommy Hanson.  It seems like the Pads aren’t going to go for the top prospect in the other team’s organization, but a mix of at least two of the next four prospects.

Anyway, back to today’s story.  For a couple hours no one seemed to notice the fact that Peavy actually had to waive the no-trade clause in order for the deal to be completed.  Around 1:30, reports started trickling out that Peavy may not want to move to the AL and may turn it down.  Then it was reported that Peavy talked with former Padre, current White Sox, Scott Linebrink and White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen about the trade.

Around 5 PM, it was confirmed that Peavy would exercise his clause and stay with San Diego.

So what does this mean for the Padres and Sox?  Well, the Padres are back to square one.  They have had advanced talks with the Braves, Cubs, and now White Sox about moving the former Cy Young winner and now they’ll have to start again.  The Sox will now have to decide what to do with themselves.  After today’s 20-1 loss, they sit at 17-23, 6.5 games back of the Central leading Detroit Tigers.  The Central is a weak division and it’s still early, but this has to be a crushing blow.  Peavy certainly would have helped that playoff push.  Do they move on to a new target?  They’re obviously willing to pay a steep price.  Do they wait a while a see where they are at the All-Star Break and then sell off their own players like Jermaine Dye or Bobby Jenks?  I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


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  1. I heard about this when I was in England and was fairly excited. I became more excited when he rejected the deal and made that moron of a GM Kenny Williams look like the dipshit he is.

    For a couple years now I have been preaching about how the White Sox have needed a firesale. Aging talent, high contracts, and just bad players in general were my reasons for this demand.

    In 07′ I was proven right, while in 08′ I was proven wrong. 2008 was a bit of a fluke in my eyes as the front runners choked and no one had any clue that Quentin, Danks, and Alexi would perform at the levels they did.

    Regardless, the time may finally be here. With BP projecting a 4% chance the White Sox can right the ship and make the playoffs (statistic based off run-differential) and I couldn’t be even more angry.

    As much as I want to see these clowns go. That idiot GM held his cards too long. Now these once valued players are older, worse, have brutal contracts considering the economy, and will haul in mediocre returns.

    I hate Jake Peavy for this because I feel he is a coward of a player. I understand it’s in his best interest to remain in the NL but grow a pair and man up….On the same token, I will finally get my firesale it appears, it just happens to be 3 years too late.

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