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The other night Weller and I got to sending YouTube clips back and forth about our favorite sports moments(that we remember).  They covered just about every sport from the time I was seven to this past February.  So I figured I would put them all up in one place for everyone to see and discuss and I’m sure there will be much of that.

We’ll start with the easy one:

I could watch that all day.  This is the only proof that I have that the Rams were at one time good.  At the time my Dad and I shared season tickets with some other folks and we had the privilege of being at this game the week before.  Before that 1999 season the Rams had spent four years in St. Louis and were a combined 22-42.  To see our team go from that bad to that good and then win the Super Bowl like that was just awesome.  This is still the most exciting Super Bowl ever, no matter what anyone says.

That one was the easiest one to pick, mostly because my NFL watching career has consisted of high draft picks and terrible losses.

From there we’ll move to soccer.  There have been a lot of great soccer games and a whole lot of great moments but one stands out in particular:

That actually gives me goosebumps when I watch it.  At the time Portugal was ranked 4th in the world and had aspirations of winning the World Cup.  We were still USA soccer.  The game took took place during the summer after my sophomore year in high school and we decided to have parties every night for the games.  It was 5 AM and there were probably 20 people in my basement watching US Soccer stun the Portuguese.  That entire World Cup was a blast but it took another month to recover from our nocturnal schedule.

Let’s move on.

College football was tough.  There are two that I’m going to leave off specifically because I think Weller will do them if and when he does this.  We’ll say one involves a timely fumble and one will involve Peerless Price.  So knowing that I would have these on here, I’ll also put forth two more:

It’s bad video, but that’s James Wilhoit hitting a 51-yard field goal to beat florida my freshman year in college.  It also happened to take place on my birthday. If my memory is correct, he was the same James Wilhoit who had shanked an extra point that would have tied that game just minutes earlier.  Honorable mention goes to Collins Cooper for sucking in 1998.

This one will make me smile as long as I live as well.  This game was America’s introduction to the Mizzou-kansas rivalry.  This was the neutral site clash to decide the Big12 North Title as well as to determine the #1 ranking in the country.  As you can see, Mizzou came out on the right end after forcing Sodd…er, Todd Reesing to pick half the endzone out of his helmet.  This was a great day for Mizzou.

How about some Olympic sports:

I was going to just put Jason Lezak’s swim in here, but then I watched it and had to have the full race.  It’s only six minutes and it’s worth watching.  If you don’t want to watch the whole thing, skip to three minutes.  I’ve watched it three times now and I’ve found my arms raised in victory each time.  And yes, I’m sitting alone in my living room right now.  I don’t even care.  If you’re not doing the same, you’re probably dead.

The Braves 1995 World Series win isn’t on YouTube for some reason, so I can’t add that one.  It won’t take my personal video from the 2006 World Series when the Cardinals won, so it seems baseball just wasn’t destined to be on this list.  Just imagine what they look like.

For hockey we’ll go back all the way to January.  Start the video at two minutes and watch from there.

This was the game that set the Blues playoff run in motion.  At the time we were floundering in last place and this game started the run that put us in 6th.

With that I’ll end this.  I do hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

3 Responses

  1. The video of the field goal to beat florida is the greatest thing ever. That gave me chills.

  2. I did enjoy the walk down memory lane. there are some great videos here. Thanks.

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