The “Kiss-Cam” Experience

Last night I went to the Royals game in Kansas City, where they hosted the Colorado Rockies. It was a fun game to watch, the Royals won, we got to see a couple of home runs, a guy picked off at first, a pitcher throw 4 straight balls that looked like he had a blind fold on, and an injury. The injury was actually to the home plate umpire who got hit by a bat, but before you laugh, you should know that it actually seemed pretty serious, the game was delayed for quite a while and I believe they took him to the hospital because they went with three umpires for the rest of the game rather than the usual four. However, even with all of this excitement, none of this really came close to living up to the best part of the night.

I think it was between the second and third inning when the famous “kiss-cam” went up onto the gigantic Jumbotron, as it does every game. I was sitting in the second to last row of the entire stadium, not expecting to be framed by the giant red heart that encircles the loving couples who are then prompted to kiss by the cheering crowd. Well, as you can probably guess by now, I was indeed put up onto the Jumbotron at this time. I can’t say that I’ve ever sat at home and imagined what it would be like to be put onto the “kiss-cam” but I think it’s safe to say that if I had, it wouldn’t have played out quite like this.

See, I have intentionally withheld some information from you until now, and what I have failed to mention is that I was at this game with my cousin, Bryan, and his lovely girlfriend, Jen… and nobody else. So here’s the picture I’m going to paint for you. We were sitting there with Jen, who was wearing a distinctly bright blue shirt, sitting between Bryan and myself. We were all watching the screen go around to different couples and watching them kiss while we were talking. Then I look at the screen, and see that exact shade of blue that Jen was wearing, and just assuming it was Bryan that was in the picture I tried to let them know that they were on the “kiss-cam” when half way through my sentence I realized that it wasn’t Bryan that was up there with Jen, but it was me. I believe my exact sentence was something like, “Hey! That’s… me!”

Jen, realizing this as well, quickly turned to Bryan, who was out of the picture at this point, and kissed him. Conveniently the phantom camera man (we couldn’t figure out where he was shooting us from) caught on and moved the camera in time to catch their kiss. We, along with everyone else in the stadium, found this all very funny and had a good laugh. For the rest of the game we joked about the different ways that situation could have played out, and what people would have thought about the whole thing; Bryan assuming that most people would think that he had just stolen my “kiss-cam” moment. We talked about how confusing the whole situation was but I think Bryan summed it all up rather nicely with a funny quote when he said, “You look up there. You see who it is. You realize it’s you. And then your brain just stops.”

Toward the end of the game after we had spent a large majority of the time continuing to joke about the kiss-cam, Bryan noticed something that is arguably the second most exciting thing to happen that night. We were all talking when Bryan looks back behind him (remember we’re in the second to last row with nobody sitting behind us) and then turns back to me and just says, “Turn around and look up. Trust me, you’ll appreciate it.” So of course, I look back in the same direction as Bryan, and up on top of a huge crane, there was an orange and white checkered flag, that was unmistakably a University of Tennessee flag, as it looked exactly like Neyland Stadium‘s famous end zones. We tried to get pictures of this flag but it was too dark and none of them turned out very well, so instead I’m posting an end zone view picture of Neyland Stadium.

If you took note to the fact that I mentioned the Tennessee flag sighting as “arguably” the second most exciting thing to have happened and are wondering why it’s not a more definite second, it’s because between the eighth and ninth innings of each Royals game they put up the game’s highlights onto the Jumbotron. We weren’t really paying too much attention to this seeing how we hadn’t moved from out seats and saw the entire game, but at one point I look out toward the screen and there I am again, and because they frequently put random fans up on the screen in between innings, my instinctive reaction was to show the other two that we had been put back up on the screen again. Well, I quickly realized that we weren’t being put up on the screen in that moment, we were actually part of the highlights! There were awesome defensive plays, great hits, home runs, runners being picked off, wild pitches, rogue bats, and a number of other awesome things that happened through out the game, but WE made the highlights!

It’s safe to say that the June 24 matchup between the Royals and Rockies is by far the best baseball game I have ever been to. As we were leaving Bryan wondered how many people walking by us looked at us and said “hey, those are the people from the kiss-cam” and after this he decided that we should just go ahead and deem ourselves famous. All in all it was a great night at the ball park. And to those of you flabbergasted by the fact that I actually wrote a post somewhat relating to baseball, I say have no fear, I’m sure there will be an NFL one in the near future.

7 Responses

  1. Weller, this post is hilarious!! Thanks for sharing.
    (and I am not surprised you included a TN note in there)

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  3. Great story. Sorry it took me so long to read it! What would have happened if you had kissed Jen? We’ll never know, but it would have been a hilarious turn of events!

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  6. I think this is the best post I have written… both in terms of entertainment value and the quality of writing.

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