Colts 2010 53-Man Roster Prediction

Thomas at the rookie camp

Kevin Thomas at the rookie camp

This was extremely difficult to try and predict. For starters nobody has any idea what’s going on with Kevin Thomas. He appeared to have suffered a season ending knee injury a few months ago, but is now on the active roster. He was recently seen at training camp in high spirits signing autographs and had no knee brace and wasn’t limping or showing any¬†favoritism¬†to the injured leg. He has said he’s still doing rehab and that it’s getting better and better every day. Reports like that don’t sound to me like somebody who will be missing the entire season. Actually, on the contrary, those are typically things you hear about somebody who is aiming to be ready to play by the regular season. I don’t think that’s the case with Thomas by any means but it certainly makes me optimistic enough to think that we could have him ready to go before the end of the year. Continue reading

Adam Vinatieri does not impress me.

Adam Vinatieri has four Super Bowl rings to go along with two Pro Bowl appearances and two selections as a First-Team All-Pro. He’s one of only 20 players in NFL history to make over 500 extra points, he’s 15th all-time in career field goals made, and has a career field goal percentage of 81.86, which I believe ranks him at 15th all-time in that category as well. So yes, he has had a fantastic career and that’s all good and well except he’s on my team now and unfortunately his now isn’t as good as his career average. Continue reading

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