Colts Rookie Camp 2010

The Colts rookie camp is this weekend, starting yesterday and going through Sunday. There had been an extreme lack of official news from the Colts about rookie free agent signings. They did finally announce yesterday though (on their website) who all the rookie free agents are.

The players attending the Colts Rookie Camp are… Continue reading

Consolidated Preseason NCAA Football Rankings

I have compiled NCAA football preseason rankings from a wide range of sources. I’m linking to each one and then including a chart at the bottom showing the rankings side by side and then put in an average ranking for each team and also and adjusted average. The adjusted average only includes the rankings from sources that actually included the team in their rankings. Rivals and Sports Illustrated are the only two sources I used that ranked all 120 teams. I took the top 70 from each of those sources and came up with 75 schools. For the rankings that didn’t have a school included, I gave the excluded schools a default ranking for that source that would be the next highest rank. So if a source only ranked their top 25 then the other 50 teams on my list that weren’t included automatically got the ranking of 26. That way the fact that they would impact the averages in comparison to one another. If you have any questions please feel free to ask in the comments section below. Continue reading

Draft Thoughts for Bryan

First let me say that this won’t interest a whole lot of people, and will only probably intrigue people that are fans of an NFL team drafting in the top 10 or just want to gather as many different thoughts and perspectives on the 2009 NFL Draft as possible. With that out of the way, let’s get down to it.

As many of you know Bryan is a huge Rams fan and because of this he is already looking ahead to the draft for obvious reasons. So he asked me “if the Lions take Andre Smith and you were drafting for the Rams, what would you do?” This was an interesting question, because I believe (and Bryan agrees with me) that the Rams goal for the first round should be to get one of the top 3 offensive tackles in the draft: Andre Smith, Eugene Monroe or Michael Oher. They are all easily top 10 players on my big board. So what I told Bryan is that if I couldn’t trade down to a spot where I thought Monroe or Oher would still be available, then I’d reach for Monroe, but that I’d definitely be trying to trade down to get something extra out of it. He said that in addition to the team’s 2009 first round pick he’d also want a first rounder in the 2010 draft as well, but that he might settle for the team’s 2009 second rounder.

Next Bryan asked me how far I would trade down and who it would be with. This was a harder question to answer than I would have first thought. My answer to the first part of the question was simple: “I’d say we need to stay in the top 10, preferably the top 8, but I think top 10 would be fine.” The second part of the question was much more difficult. I first needed to find a top 10 team that was behind the Rams and had a big enough need for a player to jump up to the second spot because a team currently in front of them would likely take that desired player. After that I then had to figure out who I thought the remaining teams would draft to see if one of the previously mentioned offensive tackles would still be available for the Rams. Continue reading

Titanic Upset in the Northwest

As I’m sure everyone has known for almost 24 hours, the #1 ranked USC Trojans lost to the Oregon State Beavers last night.  Momentarily, this actually helps clear up the BCS picture.  Go undefeated in the SEC, go to the Title game.  Go undefeated in the Big XII, go to the Title game.  Because of this it also had (potentially) monstrous implications for my Missouri Tigers as well.  It was definitely odd watching a top ranked team go down knowing that it actually helped my team.  This was different for any Tiger fan born after 1960.

Anyway, the big debate raging over at has been which conference is supreme.  It’s one of those never ending debates where true homers show their true colors, but I’ll go ahead and add my opinion just for fun.

SEC – They have won 4 of the 10 BCS Title games and they boast a front line of LSU, Florida, Auburn, Georgia, Alabama, and Tennessee.  It’s really tough to argue against that.

Big XII – The Big XII is next in line to challenge the SEC’s dominance with 4 teams in the current Top 10: Oklahoma, Mizzou, Texas, and Texas Tech.  Nebraska adds to the prestige, and Colorado is a team on the rise.  They frighten me.

Big 10 – I realize the Big 10 is not good.  They are in this place because of Wisconsin and Penn St.  We’ll see how long those two last with their lofty rankings.  Penn St. faces Illinois this weekend which should be an interesting matchup.

ACC – Lots of rebuilding here.  I think Miami will be back in the title scene here in a few years, but their last two champions, Wake Forest and Virginia Tech, were nothing to write home about.  VA Tech lost to kansas for goodness’ sake.  Let’s see how they handle the Sea of Red in Lincoln this weekend.

Pac 10 – USC is still one of the best in the country, but after that, they have nothing with no other teams ranked in the Top 25.  Last week they went 0-5 against the MWC.  Ouch.

Big East – The Big East boasts West Virginia and South Florida…and that’s about it.  What’s that? WVU lost to East Carolina and Colorado?  Nevermind, the Big East boasts South Florida.

Mountain West – BYU, TCU, and Utah are all ranked this week.  They are still behind the BCS conferences, but they get a mention.  If TCU can somehow upset Oklahoma this weekend, the MWC will jump up a few spots.

Agree? Disagree?  Let me know.

Happy College Football Season!

I’m currently watching the riveting South Carolina-North Carolina St. primetime Thursday night football game.  At this point, I would watch Western Wyoming A&M play North Oklahoma Community College.  I’m sure most of you feel the same way.

I just got my tickets to the (6) Mizzou vs. (20) Illinois game for this Saturday.  I’ll take plenty of pictures and give a full recap on Monday.  For the record, I’m quite nervous since Illinois is a very, very good team, however, I think Mizzou will be fully prepared and win 41-27.

Now for a few predictions.  I think the National Championship game will be USC vs. Oklahoma.  I know you (Weller) are devastated that there is no SEC team, but I think they will beat each other up so much that no team will really come out on top.  Georgia may ultimately have the best team, but they play six teams ranked in the Top 25 with two of those games coming at LSU and at Auburn late in the season.  I just don’t think they’ll be able to run that gauntlet, plus the SEC Championship game.  If they can, they will be more than deserving of that title shot.

I don’t think anyone will challenge USC this season.  If they can beat Ohio State, and hopefully they do, the Trojans won’t be truly tested for the rest of the season.  As for the Sooners, I feel they are the class of the Big 12, unfortunately.  They return a dominant offsensive line plus Sam Bradford and I don’t see them losing.  My Tigers are fully capable of going 12-0, or 11-1, but I don’t see them being able to best the Sooners in the Big 12 Title Game.  That game is in being played at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, which will be helpful to the North team that represents the conference.

Anyway, strap in for the next couple weeks.  We’ll see just how wrong my predictions are.

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