Friday 5 – Winter Olympics

As Weller pointed out on Wednesday, I was recently informed that I got a job with the Winter Olympics in Vancouver.  I’m going to be headed out there either on January 25th or February 4th (they’ll let me know tomorrow) and I’ll be back on March 3rd unless they keep me around for the Paralympics which take place immediately after the Olympics.  I will be a “Venue Systems Manager” (OoooOOOOoooo) which means I’ll be in charge of the transportation of athletes and media from the Olympic Village to the venue.  Basically I’ll be making sure that all the buses are running on time, carrying all the people they’re supposed to carry, and making sure that everything is ready for them when they step off the bus.  I was also told specifically, “This is a stressful job.”

But I was also told that it’s a blast and I’ll be meeting all kinds of people from all over the world, which excites me.  I do plan on taking my laptop, though I don’t know if I’ll have internet access or how much time I’ll have to give updates, but I’ll try my best.  Now onto the Friday 5.

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Whatever Happened To….

As you may have noticed, I’ve been absent from the blog for the last week or so but Weller has kept you updated.  Now the roles are reversed as Weller is headed out to Colorado for a ski trip and I now have a consistent internet connection.  So since we’re in the middle of Bowl Season NFL Playoff races, some Hot Stove baseball action and plenty of of sporting news…I’m going to talk about soccer.  Figures, right?

Anyway, this post stems from some Christmas break Fifa 10 at a friend’s house back home.  We were attempting to win the World Cup with the USA when Jozy Altidore got injured.  As we scrolled through the subs to find a replacement we ran across Freddy Adu.  We got to wondering what happened to the future savior of American soccer.  So I looked him up. Continue reading

Wonderful Draw For The USA

US Captain Carlos Bocanegra

Today, the Soccer Gods smiled upon US Soccer for the first time in a long, long time.  The Yanks were drawn into Group C along with England, Algeria, and Slovenia.  That is a very, very manageable group.  After 2006’s Group of Death (and subsequent death-like performance), this year’s group looks like a cakewalk.  It won’t be, of course, but I certainly have more faith going into it.

Perhaps the only thing that could have better for the Americans would have been if they were placed in the host country South Africa’s group.  England, while obviously a top-flight team, has a style similar to the US.  Several players play on domestic teams in the UK and are very familiar with the English players.  The English will have more talent and skill than the Americans, but we only have to play them once and anything can happen in that opening game.

I also have to mention the only other time the USA and England met in a World Cup.  Click here to find out about the greatest upset in American soccer history.

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Tragedy For USA Soccer

Charlie Davies

Charlie Davies

US National Team forward Charlie Davies was injured in a car accident early this morning.  In the one car accident, one person was killed while Davies and another person were seriously injured.  A spokesperson for the Washington Hospital Center Medstar said that Davies had to undergo a lengthy surgery and that his life was not in danger but there was no word on how it would affect his playing career.

This is truly a stunning development for the Americans as it puts a damper on their World Cup qualification and will put a somber mood on Wednesday’s match against Costa Rica.

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USA Takes A Big Step

Ricardo Clark celebrates his goal against Trinidad and Tobago

Ricardo Clark celebrates his goal against Trinidad and Tobago

Earlier tonight the US Men’s Soccer Team defeated Trinidad and Tobago 1-0 on a Ricardo Clark second half goal.  After the smoke cleared on tonight’s round of matches the US sits atop the CONCACAF (can we get a shorter name, please?) region with 16 points.  By my amateur, and quite possibly inaccurate, calculations, if the US beats Honduras or Costa Rica in  either of their last two matches then they qualify for South Africa.  There is an outside shot that when USA plays Costa Rica on October 14th, the winner will go on to the World Cup while the loser will play the fifth place team from South America.  Not an enviable position.

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USA Falls In Mexico

This isn’t going to be a very long post because I had to watch this game on a grainy internet feed at work.  Fail, ESPN.  Epic fail.  By now you know that the Americans fell to 0-23-1 all time in Mexico with today’s 2-1 loss.

The question coming into the game was which US team would show up to Azteca Stadium.  Unfortunately, it was the team who showed up for the second half of the Confederation’s Cup Championship against Brazil.  Other than the goal, which was nice, the US side never threatened.  The defense, which was so strong in the wins over Spain and Egypt earlier this summer, allowed the Mexicans to run amok in the penalty area.  No one player really stood out as having a good game.

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As many of you know, and probably saw, the ESPYs were on last night. For those of you that don’t know, the ESPYs is an annual awards show hosted by ESPN. This year Samuel L. Jackson hosted the show and did a pretty good job. There were funny parts and on the whole it went well but I think there have definitely been better ESPY nights in the past. We did get a small glimpse at what a day in the life of Peyton Manning is like, which was obviously my favorite part of the night. We also had some eye-candy on hand with two of my top three favorite super models being in attendance; Miranda Kerr and Marisa Miller. I would also like to add that Marisa Miller is a Vols fan, just to throw that out there.

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