Post NCG Thoughts

First, it’s Weller’s 21st birthday, so I’m assuming he’s not coherent enough to know what happened in the football game.  Happy birthday, Weller.

I turned the game off with about two minutes to go, so I’m just going to assume Florida won.  It kind of went how I expected, but that doesn’t make me hate Tim Tebow any less.  Now I’m forced to watch pool on ESPN2 to avoid seeing the Tebow love-fest.  Anyway, follow the link for a couple reactionary thoughts.

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Big 12 Championship

On Saturday a group of five of us headed up to Kansas City to see the Big 12 Championship Scrimmage.  Most of you probably tuned in for the first half and then turned it off.  I probably would have also, except I was there and couldn’t do that.

picture-179I’m not sure if it showed on TV, but it was about 17 degrees in the stands, which makes a 40 point drubbing even harder to take.  I took two “positives” from the 62-21 loss.  At least we weren’t the only team to get beaten by Oklahoma like that and at least it wasn’t this.  I don’t really feel like talking a whole lot about the game, it wasn’t exactly a bright spot in Mizzou Athletics, but I will mention that the back judge for the game was absolutely terrible.  He missed at least four easy calls both ways.  Of course, none of these calls would have changed the game, but had the game been closer, they might have.  I hope the Big 12 reviews that.

Now, as far as our trip went, we had a great time.  Four of us left from Columbia and met Weller in a Wal-Mart parking lot so we could pick him up and buy a box of hand warmers for the game.  Great idea.

We showed up about 45 minutes before the game, ($22 parking again) and went straight into the stadium.  It was too cold to walk around anywhere else.  The Oklahoma section was full about 30 minutes before kickoff while the Mizzou side filled up just before kickoff.  Maybe that should have been a sign of things to come.  We had a guy behind us who kept yelling, “IN THE FACE!”  at different points in the game, which was odd, but funny at the same time.  Not a whole lot around it, just, “in the face.”

After Chase’s untimely fumble, it was decided that we were not going to win, so we began to try and find the lighter side of some of the fan’s antics.  This brings me to the best part of the whole night.

picture-182After another Oklahoma touchdown an unsuspecting fan comes walking out of the entry ramp with his newly bought nachos and cheese.  I’m not sure what caused this, but he got the very end of the ramp and lost it.  He went headfirst over about five rows of people, spilling nachos and cheese everywhere.  The guy falls in between two rows and disappears for a second, only to poke his head up from the ground to reveal that he got the worst of the cheesing.  He was covered, as were most of the people he had flown over.  It was great.

We left at the start of the third quarter and went to Hooters to watch the rest of the game there.  We were never heckled by any Sooner fans, to their credit.  I guess the 40-point loss was enough.  I hope they crush florida in the Championship Game.

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