Tom Brady Hates the Jets. Brandon Phillips Hates the Cardinals. So What’s the Difference?

By now you’ve probably heard Tom Brady’s comments about the HBO reality TV show “Hard Knocks.”  If not, you need to read more sports news:

Honestly, I haven’t turned it on,” he said in a casual manner. “I hate the Jets, so I refuse to support that show.

Also, by now you’ve heard of our old friend Brandon Phillips’ comments about the St. Louis Cardinals:

Instead of posting his comments here, I’m going to link you to our friends at Doin’ Work because we like them.

I may not agree with them, but it’s good work nonetheless.  Anyway, what’s the difference here?  Why do I like what Tom Brady said and not like what Brandon Phillips said?

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Another Reason to Hate Tom Brady


Paiva begging because Tom Brady is an ass.

There are numerous reasons to hate Tom Brady and we can add this one to the list. Brady apparently had some expensive flower boxes sitting behind his condominium in Boston. A 61-year-old man named Dennis Paiva thought that they had been left there as trash and took them. Brady took the man to court and Paiva was ordered to pay Brady $4,000. In 2006 Forbes estimated that Tom Brady is worth $29 million per year including endorsements. Continue reading

Julius Peppers Signs Ridiculous Deal

Julius Peppers

Julius Peppers

It just came out that Julius Peppers has agreed to a 1-year, 16.7 million dollar contract with the Carolina Panthers, which means he’ll be getting paid over one million dollars per game. Peppers has played for the Panthers for all seven of his years in the NFL after being drafted by them second overall in the 2002 NFL Draft. Peppers has been a very productive player and is 6’7″ – 283 defensive end and “freakishly athletic” but has often been criticized for taking plays off and not going 100% on ever single down and “disappearing for long stretches.” Peppers had a 14.5 sacks last season, which is a career high and is his fifth season with double-digit sack numbers. He is also the franchise’s all-time career sack leader with 70.5. Continue reading

I Like To Laugh

And this made me laugh.

This “news” is a couple days old but as many of you may have noticed I’ve been out of town for about ten days and this is funny so I think it’s still worth posting about. Apparently goat-charmers aren’t as good of outdoorsmen as one might think. At this point, unless you’ve already heard about this, you’re probably asking yourself “what in the world is this post actually about?” Continue reading

Election Day

Assuming you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that it’s Election Day.  So, in the spirit of Democracy, go vote for whoever you want and then vote in the WaB Sports Election.

Our main issue?  Which sports pair would you vote for to be President and Vice President of the United States of America?

Peyton and Eli Manning

w_peytonmanning_vGIANTS MANNINGYou knew this pair was going to make an appearance, so I’ll just get it out of the way.  Peyton would take the helm, while Eli would man the Senate.  I’m pretty sure they would carry the Southern states pretty well, except maybe Alabama.  Plus, Peyton wouldn’t have to struggle for any campaign airtime on your television.  Also, these two have some entreprenurial experience as well which can only help their cause.  The Mannings would also have the perfect PR director for their firm in their Dad, Archie Manning.  Basically, if you cast your ballot for one Manning, you vote for them all.  Even you, Cooper.

Tiger Woods and Roger Federer

tiger_woodstxrogerfedererapMaybe you prefer pure dominance in your Presidential Candidates.  If that’s the case, it gets no better than Tiger Woods and Roger Federer.  We’re obviously ignoring the whole natural born citizen part, but no one here is over 35 years old either.  Anyway, these two have pretty much won everything they’ve ever entered so they had to be included.  It should also be noted that if this pair was elected, the first lady would look like this.  Not that it should have any bearing on your vote or anything.

Sidney Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin

sidney_crosby7ovechkin2Maybe it’s youthful exuberance and unlimited potential that you look for.  Crosby and Ovechkin make up the youngest pair in the running with a combined age of 44 years old (not technically old enough to run for Office, but whatever).  They also have had the burden of carrying what some consider a dying sport squarely on their shoulders for the last couple of years.  Economic crisis should be easy.  With Crosby and Ovechkin in office, we would also see relations with Canada and Russia improve dramatically, which can only be a good thing.

Michael Jordan and LeBron James

michael-jordanjames_lebron0329This one is for the people who like a nice mix of dominance, plus a little bit of the old school and a little bit of the new school.  We first thought Scottie Pippin was the best choice for VP, but upon further review, he was kind of a jerk.  Jordan is the best player ever LeBron may be in line to challenge for that crown, so by running for President, Jordan could mentor on just about everything.  Except gambling.  They wouldn’t be able to talk about gambling.  The only problem with this pairing would be this.  That little stumble might be tough to overcome.

Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

333wbelichick_bill_getty_260Our last pair represents the win at all costs people.  Belichick has shown that he has no problem breaking the rules to get an advantage.  Maybe that’s how you want your country run.  Tom Brady can do most of the press conferences and public appearances since Belichick isn’t real big on those.  He also doesn’t date Gisele.  He does, however, hold goats in a nice, loving way.  Anyway, Belichick knows Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin pretty well already, so that’s good.  Just imagine Belichick swearing oath in a cutoff hoodie.  Weller obviously endorses this pair.

So there you have this year’s candidates.  Choose wisely, because the fate of the free world may lie with goat boy if you don’t.

Be Ready for the Media Blitz

Hopefully since I got to this a couple minutes after it happened, I won’t be part of the crush that is about to happen surrounding Tom Brady’s knee.  As some of you may have seen, during the first quarter of the Chiefs-Patriots game, one of the Chiefs lineman fell on Brady’s outstretched leg, causing him to crumple to the ground.  Brady was able to walk off the field, albeit gingerly.  I would say it could be anything to a hyper extended knee and he’ll return in the second half or he could’ve torn his ACL and be done for the year.  Bold of me, I know.

I will say the he looked very similar to myself when I torn my ACL about 4 years ago.  I could walk, but it was a very slow, painful hobble.

Word just came in from the sideline that Brady’s knee leaves him questionable for the rest of the game.  As they say that Matt Cassell completes a 50 yard bomb to Randy Moss from his own half yard line.  Football season is already getting interesting.

Just prepare yourself for more coverage on Tom Brady’s knee then you ever wanted to hear. Ever.

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