The Unspoken Rules of Hockey

This time of the year is like a dead period for me.  College football is over, the NFL playoffs are in full swing but the Rams suck and Weller has those covered, I don’t like basketball and I only get to see one or two hockey games a week.  (I hate you Mediacom.  I hate you so much.)  That should semi explain my absence in the past week, plus I’m leaving for Vancouver on Tuesday morning and I’ve been filling out various paperwork all week.  Then this hockey fight between the New York’s Marian Gaborik and Philadelphia’s Daniel Carcillo caught my eye:

For those of you who don’t watch much hockey, Gaborik has 61 points on the year while Carcillo has 11.  Gaborik has 23 penalty minutes. Carcillo has 130.  Needless to say, it was a mismatch.

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Friday 5 – Cheap Shots

Since we’re heading into a three day holiday weekend, we here at WaB have decided to debut a new weekly feature.   Every Friday we’re going to roll out a Top 5 list about whatever we feel like listing.  This could be the Top 5 baseball movies of all time, the Top 5 Running Backs of the the AFL, or the Top 5 worst looking sports girlfriends.  Today, in light of the LeGarrette Blount fiasco after last night’s Boise State-Oregon game, I’m going to give a list of the Top 5 Cheap Shots of all time.  (With videos!)

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