Big 12 South Preview

spo_ft_big12conference_1006A while ago Weller and I decided we’d do some previews for the upcoming college football season.  Since we’re lazy we decided to do the only two conferences that matter: The Big 12 and the SEC.  I’ll be taking the Big 12 today and Weller will do the SEC whenever he gets around to it.  Maybe the Vandy fans will come back and give him crap for that too.

So let’s get started in the South.  Obviously the stronger of the two divisions, the South boasts two true title contenders going into the season in Texas and Oklahoma plus  the upstart Cowboys of Oklahoma State, rebuilding Texas Tech, up and coming Baylor and Texas A&M.

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Oklahoma anyone?

After tonight’s beating of Texas Tech, I want no part of Oklahoma for the rest of the year.  (Also, given Mizzou’s track record against the Sooners, I didn’t want any part of them to begin with.)  I guess we’ll settle all this next week.  I was really pulling for Texas Tech so I could post some great Mike Leach quotes, but alas, that just wasn’t to be. 

Anyway, I’m headed to the Chiefs-Bills game at Arrowhead tomorrow.  I haven’t been to a Chiefs game in about five years, so we’ll see how this goes.  I really don’t care who wins the game since I don’t like the Chiefs and don’t care about the Bills.  I guess the Chiefs’ record is worse than my Rams, so I need them to win so we’ll get the better draft pick.  Full report tomorrow.

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