2010 NFL Division Preview: NFC South

For those of you that don’t count down the days until the start of the football season, it is officially 40 days until the first Sunday of the NFL season, and 37 days until the opening game when the Vikings will be visiting the Saints on September 9. My plan is to write one (of eight) division preview every five or six days between now and then. I’m going to hold off as long as possible on writing the NFC North preview because of the never-ending Brett Favre saga. I realize there are reports that he’s told the team he won’t be playing this year, but I don’t think they’re going to give up that easily. Until we’re within a week or so of that first game I’m taking all of the reports with a grain of salt because I don’t want to write an entire division preview assuming one way or the other and risk it being the wrong assumption. And you should never assume – just ask Michael Clarke Duncan. Continue reading

Friday 5 – Our Football Teams

For those of you that haven’t been counting down for nearly six months, football season officially starts in less than five weeks with the first games of the college season being on Thursday, September 2. This means I thought it would be a good time for us to evaluate our personal desires for how we would (realistically) like our respective teams to fare this season. Bryan and I are both Tennessee Vols fans, he’s a Missouri Tigers fan, I’m an Indianapolis Colts fan and he’s a St. Louis Rams fan. So for our Friday 5 I’ll put up the schedule for each game, how many wins we expect/hope that team to get and at then end for the final part, to complete the ‘5’ in Friday 5 I will put up a total. I will also plan on putting up some sort of weekly chart or graph or both or something to provide something to look at for the progressions our teams our making towards the goals that we are setting for them. Let’s get started: Continue reading

Jon Gruden Fired


John Gruden holding the Lombardi Trophy

As SportsCenter has reported about 9 times in the last hour, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have fired Head Coach John Gruden.  My first thought is that I want him to coach the Rams, but maybe I’ll have to look a little further into that.  Gruden coached the Bucs for 7 seasons and a victory in Super Bowl XXXVII.

Gruden was 57-55 during his tenure in Tampa, and went 3-2 in the playoffs.

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We’ve Got Ourselves a Game 7

We’re in the 4th inning of Game 7 of Rays-Red Sox ALCS and the Rays just tied it up on an Evan Longoria double.  So far, John Lester and Matt Garza have looked terrific.  Garza has only surrendered a first inning solo homer to Dustin Pedroia, and Lester has only given up a single to Akinori Iwamura and the Longoria double.  Both have struck out six.

This is what I want out of a Game 7, a pitcher’s duel.  Right now, both pitchers are really throwing well, so it’s going to come down to which pitcher makes the first mistake.  These are the games where heroes are made, not the ones that end 12-9.  Willy Aybar almost made himself the hero, but his fly ball hit off the top of the wall.  Now Dioner Navarro has an infield single and the Rays are in business.

Now Rocco Baldelli has singled home Aybar for the 2-1 lead. I’m pulling for the Rays; the Red Sox have gotten old, I’m ready for a fresh team in the Series and there’s no one more fresh than the Rays.  I may update this throughout the game if something strikes me…like the kid they just showed in the Redskins jersey.  What’s he thinking?  Red Sox, Rays, Redskins?  Give the tickets to someone who cares.

Update:  Rays win.  Matt Garza is the MVP.  World Series starts on Wednesday night in Tampa Bay.  Interesting to see Joe Maddon stick with rookie David Price to close out the game, but hey, it worked well.

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