More NFL Coaching Updates

herman-edwardsWithin the last 24 hours three important coaching changes have been made.  First and most important, the Kansas City Chiefs fired Herm Edwards today after a tumultuous three years.  He ended with a 15-33 record overall, including 6-26 over the last two years.  I know many Chiefs fans who wanted Herm gone after last year, so I’m sure they’re more than happy with today’s news.

Rumor has it that the Chiefs have targeted Mike Shanahan to take over.  I can’t figure out why Shanahan would want to take over such a major rebuilding project, but maybe he thinks they can have a quick turn around with new GM Scott Pioli.  I don’t see it unless they get a new Quaterback.  Continue reading

Rams Fire Linehan…the season was already over anyway.

Coming as a shock to absolutely no one, the Donnie Averys fired Head Coach Scott Linehan.  I’m not happy about it, I’m not sad about it.  We’re terrible and nothing is going to change that.  Jim Haslett is taking over as interim head, which is fine.  He has experience coaching teams under duress as he guided the 2005 New Orleans Saints to a 3-13 record.  If he can guide the 2008 St. Louis Rams to a 1-15 record, I’ll be happy.  As long as he plays Bulger, anyway.

I had lunch with a friend today and all we talked about was next Spring’s draft.  It’s never good when it isn’t even October and you’ve written off the entire season.  Oh well, at least it didn’t come as a surprise.  The only sad part is that the NFL just isn’t nearly as fun if your team sucks.  At least Mizzou is good.

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