2009 NFL Prediction Review

I recently had it brought to my attention by a commenter that I essentially don’t know anything about the NFL. This comment was made on my 2009 NFL Predictions post from April 30, 2009. I found it odd that he chose to comment on these rather than my final 2009 predictions, which went up about four-and-a-half months later on September 10. Either way, I’m sure this commenter feels good about him-or her-self for having the same 20/20 hindsight as the rest of us. There wasn’t much substance to the comment so I didn’t really have anything I could specifically defend. So I’ll point out the mistakes myself. I was pretty far off on a handful of teams: the Steelers, Giants, Redskins, Saints and Bengals. Continue reading

2009 NFL Schedules to be Released

As most of you know, I am trying to become a baseball fan this year but my first and truest love will always be football. Therefore there are a few events throughout the NFL offseason that I will not be distracted from by baseball or any other sport. A few of these events are the NFL Combine, the NFL Draft, the first weekend of free agency and a few others. One of these other events is the day that I get to find out when my Colts get their BYE week, who they will be playing in which weeks, and when they play at home and on the road against each of their divisional opponents. In short the NFL will announce the 2009 NFL schedule tomorrow at 7 PM ET. Continue reading

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