Big Brown Fails…Miserably.

As I said before, I am certainly no expert on horse racing. In fact, I don’t know much about it at all. What I do know is that the much hyped Belmont Stakes ended with Triple Crown contender Big Brown finishing dead last.

I watched a few of the human interest pieces about Rick Dutrow, trainer for Big Brown and his daughter, but that didn’t make me like him any more. Anyone who trash talks about a race horse just doesn’t impress me. Having said that, I would’ve liked to see Big Brown win the Triple Crown, since there hasn’t been one since 7 years before I was born. The story about jockey Kent Desormeaux and his son did impress me and gave me another reason to cheer on the horse.

I told my roommates before the race that I didn’t think it would be close and that Big Brown would win a yawner, which would take away from the excitement of a Triple Crown. I wanted to see something like Smarty Jones and Birdstone down the stretch with Big Brown barely pulling it out in the end. I thought I might get to see it about halfway through the race, but then Big Brown decided he wanted to jog the final stretch and retire to a life of oat bags and mares.

My initial thought was that the crack on his hoof had gotten worse and that we’d have to hear from PETA for the next 6 months when they had to put the horse down. No one wanted that, just for the sheer annoyance that they cause.

Anyway, Big Brown finished last after coming into the race undefeated. This will put an end to the horse racing articles until next year’s Kentucky Derby unless, of course, they can bring Barbaro back from the dead.

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