Friday 5: 2012 NFL Draft

It’s after midnight so it’s technically Friday, so I’m calling this a Friday 5. It’s going to be the same as we’ve done in years past. The five best picks of the first round, the five worst picks of the first round, and the five best remaining players after the first round.

Check it out after the jump, and be sure to vote in the poll at the bottom. Continue reading

Review of Day 2

Yesterday we used the Review of Day 1 as our Friday 5. Today we’re doing a review of Day 2 just because we like making lists. We’re adding two more lists this time around. Just like yesterday we still have the five best picks of the day, the five worst picks of the day and the top ten players still available. Now we also have the five teams that are having the best and worst drafts so far (total from Day 1 and Day 2) tacked on at the end. Here they are: Continue reading

Friday 5 – Review of Day 1

Last year we did a Review of Day 1 for the 2009 Draft and Bryan and I decided that we enjoyed it so much last year that we would do it again this year. The difference this year is that Day 1 only consisted of the first round rather than the first two rounds so we didn’t have quite as much to address. So this time we’re simply doing top ten players still available, the best five picks of the first round and the worst five picks of the first round. Here it is: Continue reading

Week 4 Picks

Alright everyone, we have a new corespondent for WaB, his name is Michael Wright and is a fellow NFL guru. Each week he will be picking all the games, as well as providing some input and insight on each game. Here’s his picks for this week:
NFL Week 4 Picks
M.D. Wright

Another great week for my picks both straight up and ATS.

Week 1: 11-5.
Week 2: 11-5.
Week 3: 11-5.

NOW, we begin to see what teams are really made of, with the Saints hosting the Jets and Ravens going to New England. Let’s get it! Continue reading

2009 Compensatory Picks Announced

The NFL just announced the placement of the 32 compensatory picks for the NFL Draft. Here they are, listed with the round, pick number within the round and then overall pick number in the draft: Continue reading

Projecting the 2009 Compensatory Picks for the NFL Draft

I have found bits and pieces and summarized and longer versions of the exact same projection from multiple different sources on the internet, and when I say the exact same I mean that it’s clearly been copied and pasted, so I don’t actually know who to credit for the information I have found. To read the longest and most thorough version of it that I can find click here.

For those of you that don’t know, compensatory picks are the extra draft picks awarded to teams based on the players that the team had lost to free agency the previous year. Where at in the draft the compensatory pick will take place is determined by a formula taking into account how much the player’s salary is, how many games they played in, how many games they started in and postseason honors with his new team. Continue reading

Weller’s Picks for Day 1 of the NCAA Tournament

Just for kicks I’m tossing my opening day picks up here.

UPDATE: I’ve decided I’m going to update this letting you know if I got the game right or wrong. I’m also going to put an asterisk next to games where I picked the lower seed, which today only happens to be Western Kentucky over Illinois. There will be many more asterisks for my day 2 picks, maybe too many. Let me know what you think in a comment. Continue reading

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