My Field of 65 Prediction

This is pretty early considering Selection Sunday isn’t for another month and a half, but I thought I’d put up a prediction just for kicks. I’m listing the teams along with what seeding I think they’ll have. Let me know what you think in a comment. Continue reading

Draft Thoughts for Bryan

First let me say that this won’t interest a whole lot of people, and will only probably intrigue people that are fans of an NFL team drafting in the top 10 or just want to gather as many different thoughts and perspectives on the 2009 NFL Draft as possible. With that out of the way, let’s get down to it.

As many of you know Bryan is a huge Rams fan and because of this he is already looking ahead to the draft for obvious reasons. So he asked me “if the Lions take Andre Smith and you were drafting for the Rams, what would you do?” This was an interesting question, because I believe (and Bryan agrees with me) that the Rams goal for the first round should be to get one of the top 3 offensive tackles in the draft: Andre Smith, Eugene Monroe or Michael Oher. They are all easily top 10 players on my big board. So what I told Bryan is that if I couldn’t trade down to a spot where I thought Monroe or Oher would still be available, then I’d reach for Monroe, but that I’d definitely be trying to trade down to get something extra out of it. He said that in addition to the team’s 2009 first round pick he’d also want a first rounder in the 2010 draft as well, but that he might settle for the team’s 2009 second rounder.

Next Bryan asked me how far I would trade down and who it would be with. This was a harder question to answer than I would have first thought. My answer to the first part of the question was simple: “I’d say we need to stay in the top 10, preferably the top 8, but I think top 10 would be fine.” The second part of the question was much more difficult. I first needed to find a top 10 team that was behind the Rams and had a big enough need for a player to jump up to the second spot because a team currently in front of them would likely take that desired player. After that I then had to figure out who I thought the remaining teams would draft to see if one of the previously mentioned offensive tackles would still be available for the Rams. Continue reading

Early Game Thoughts

I have a little time before I head out to the tailgate before my Tigers take on the vaunted SEMO juggernaut, so I figured I’d throw out a couple early game thoughts.

There are 4 ranked teams playing right now and none of them are playing well.  I’m watching the Ohio State-Ohio game, and OSU looks awful.  The Bobcats’ starting QB was knocked out of the game after a huge hit and it led the way for a fluffy haired backup named Boo.  There is no way Ohio should even be kind of close in this game, but they’re up 7-6 with 3:54 left in the second.

Marshall is beating Wisconsin 14-10 in Madison.  I would be watching this game, but I can’t find my remote.  Wiscy’s Quarterback is only 3/8 passing, but two of those completions have gone for a combined 78 yards.  PJ Hill has 13 carries for 46 yards.

Illinois has just scored another TD on Eastern Illinois to make it 19-7.  Juice Williams is 8/13 for 36 yards a TD and 2 INTs.  I expected a little more from Juice after he passed all over Mizzou last week.  We made him look like a Heisman contender, which concerns me.

Auburn just went through a scoreless first quarter with Southern Mississippi.  I think the Tigers just punched one it to make it 7-0 early in the second.

Ohio just went into halftime with a 7-6 lead.  Looking a little too far ahead, OSU?

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