Draft Notes

You didn’t think we’d get all the way through the NFL Draft without a post, did you? I did. But we didn’t, so here it is. My Dad is a big draft fan (I had to get it from somewhere) but this year he hasn’t been able to do his normal draftnik stuff because of an Avenged Sevenfold concert and the circus. I’m not kidding and yes, his job is cooler than yours. Anyway, he asked me yesterday if I would send him some thoughts on the draft so he’d have some for tonight. The following is the email I sent him. Fair warning, we’re both Rams fans so that gets a little more coverage. Also, anyone who picks after the Rams also gets jobbed since I really don’t care what they do. It’s not the best draft post, but it will do. Also, I did not proofread this because I don’t like doing that.
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Draft Order Week 4

With the Rams winning two games (2!), this post isn’t nearly as fun.  Oh well, I’ll trade it for a playoff appearance.  Go Sam Bradford!  I never doubted that pick!  Suh who?

Anyway, on to the draft order:

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Draft Order Week 3

I made this a regular post last year and I plan on doing it again.  As long as the Rams are terrible I’ll have this little spreadsheet so I’ll have something to look forward to.  We did win this past weekend against the completely hapless Redskins so I no longer have to pray for that lone victory; we got it out of the way early.

So anyway, if the season ended right this second the draft order would be as follows*:

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Rams Draft

As you all know, I’m blessed with the curse of being a St. Louis Rams fan.  About ten years ago, it was a great thing.  Now we’re the laughingstock of pro football.  I guess we’re not the Lions, but you get the idea.  It’s bad.

Anyway, we have a decision to make with the upcoming #1 overall pick in the draft.  With many obvious holes to fill and no real chance to contend next year, (or the year after…or the year after…) I’d like to give my strategy for the upcoming draft.  This might give away my picks for the upcoming Fan Mock Draft, but I have the #1 pick and a few back up plans.

Let’s get started with that first pick.

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Draft Update – Divisional Playoff Edition

After this week’s completely uninteresting games (Chargers-Jets aside, I guess), the draft landscape has changed once again.  The Jets win has launched them down even farther and the Ravens will wonder what could have happened with pick 21.  Without further ado:

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Draft Update – Wildcard Edition

Four more teams learned their draft fate this weekend, so that changes things just a tad.  That gives me an excuse to write another one of these posts.  Let’s do it.

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Draft Update – End of the Regular Season Edition

Well, the Jets emphatically clinched their playoff bid and left the Texans in the unenviable position of the best first team out of the playoffs.  Jacksonville and Chicago finished with the exact same records, same opponent records, same division records, but Chicago’s conference record was 5-7, while Jacksonville’s was 6-6.  That means Chicago will pick ahead of Jacksonville in the draft.  Of course, when I say Chicago, I mean Denver because the Bears traded away their first round pick to the Broncos as part of the Jay Cutler trade.  Got it?

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