NCAA Tournament Picks – Sweet 16

I actually forgot about the Tournament today with our mock draft going on, so forgive my tardiness.  I’m going to give my picks for all right games because I know that I’ll forget again tomorrow.

I’ll start with the two games currently going on since they’ll be over in a minute anyway.

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NCAA Tournament – Day 4

I think Weller was lost on the Strip last night plus his internet is probably still out.  Luckily, my picks are getting better as we go along, which is odd.  I only missed one yesterday and that was the best one to miss.  I’m headed to the Blues game in a minute so I’m going to miss all the games today.

Let’s pick Day 4.

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NCAA Tournament – Day 3

I only missed three games yesterday and two of them were the ones I switched at that last second.  I know, I know, I broke the cardinal rule of  bracket picking.  I’ll do better next year, I promise.

I’m not sure Weller is awake yet or if his internet is in tact so I’m here again.  By the way, it’s actually snowing outside.  I wore shorts yesterday and now there is snow on the ground.  I don’t know what to do with that.

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NCAA Tournament – Day 2

You’re back with Bryan today.  Weller had internet for a brief moment last night, but then it went away again.  So, instead of getting good picks…you get mine.

Granted, I had an okay day yesterday if you take out the Georgetown game.  I had them in the Final 4.  I’ve never lost a Final 4 team in the first round.  Whoops.  Let’s get to it.

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Sweet 16 Day 2

Last night I put up my picks for Day 1 of the Sweet 16.  I got 3 of the 4, missing only my alma mater, Mizzou.  I’ll call it a good day.  Also, it’s time to talk about Villanova as a contender for this tournament.  They’ll get a Pittsburgh team who hasn’t impressed me thus far. As of right now, I think Villanova will win that game and it may not even be close.  ESPN keeps talking about Duke’s historic futility last night and most of the credit has to go to the Wildcats.  They’ve sold me.

In the West region, UConn beat an upstart Purdue team.  They’re playing some excellent basketball as well.  The Huskies will be pitted against my Missouri Tigers, who halted the Memphis Tigers’ 27 game winning streak.  In fact, they hung 102 points on a team who gave up an average of 57 on the season.  It was an impressive display to say the least.  The Tigers can beat UConn if they can get Thabeet away from the basket and run him to death.  That will be an interesting clash of styles.

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Sweet 16 Picks – Day 1

Weller gave his picks for the first two rounds, so now it’s my turn for the Sweet 16.

UConn over Purdue.  I love Purdue, they’re a fun team to watch, but no one is playing better than UConn right now.

Memphis over Mizzou.  If Mizzou can force Tyreke Evans to make bad decisions, they can win this game.   As long as Mizzou doesn’t start out ice cold, as they’re prone to do, this game may be one of the best of the tournament. (I hope I’m wrong here.  Go Mizzou.)

Villanova over Duke.  I love the way Nova is playing right now.  They took a good UCLA team to task and I think their streak continues.

Pittsburgh over Xavier.  I don’t think the Musketeers have enough talent to hang with Pitt for the entire 40 minutes.

Kansas Gets Caught Cheating

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self

Kansas Head Coach Bill Self

First thing first, Weller is in Montana for the week so if you tune in for his posts come back next Tuesday (or stick around and read mine.  I’d prefer that).

Now, as you may know, Bill Self, Head Coach at the University of Kansas, has been caught for illegal contact with a recruit.  The story goes that Self stood outside the locker room of top prospect John Wall after a game in Springfield, Missouri and the two had a brief conversation.  The conversation happened during the NCAA’s “Evaluation Period” when coaches are not supposed to have any contact with recruits.

While breaking the rules is obviously wrong, (I’m sure a secondary violation like this happens all the time) the real issue I have is with the blatant arrogance of the violation. Continue reading

Hansbrough vs. Harangody

The more college basketball I watch, the more I can’t help but wonder about the future careers of North Carolina’s Tyler Hansbrough and Notre Dame’s Luke Harangody. Both are elite college power forwards whose size doesn’t really translate to that position at the next level. Hansbrough is listed at 6-foot-9 and 250 pounds. Harangody is listed at 6-foot-8 and 251 pounds. Now, this doesn’t mean they can’t be NBA power forwards. Elton Brand is a damn good power forward and he is 6-foot-8 254 pounds. I think what will determine the better NBA player is the combination of skill and versatility, which I think both go to the less-publicized Harangody. Continue reading

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