NHL Playoff Preview

Playoff Ice

Playoff Ice

Tomorrow is the start of the two month haul known as the NHL Playoffs.  The first round presents us with some interesting match ups and I’m going to break them down for you.  Since there are only about eight people who watch hockey, I’ll try to keep it short.  No promises, though.

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Next Year’s Winter Classic

The NHL’s Winter Classic is about to take place on New Year’s Day from Wrigley Field in Chicago. Featuring the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings. But I’m not here to talk about that game, as exciting as it will likely be. Now that game is all about the matchup. And the Blackhawks and Red Wings are pretty evenly matched right now (especially with how hot Chicago is – a franchise-record 9 wins in a row heading into tonight’s game).

The Winter Classic will take place next season (and probably season after season for a while). The outdoor hockey game is a cool thing no doubt, and brining in famous venues from other sports makes it all that more intriguing. Here are a few proposals I have for future Winter Classics. Continue reading

Habs Fans Are Serious About Their All-Star Game

At first glance, it just looks like the Montreal Canadiens are on track to be the first team to have their entire starting lineup start the NHL All-Star game in January.  After the first day of voting six Habs players virtually doubled the 7th place vote getter, Alexander Semin.  Habs netminder, Carey Price, did double the Western Conference’s leading vote getter, Roberto Luongo.  I know Montreal loves its hockey, but the least they could do is be a little more inconspicuous.  I mean, come on.

Here is another article about the cheating.  Here are the current totals.  Good Stuff.

In other news, Pacman Jones is coming back.  I’m giving him four games before he hits a stripper or something.

The US Men’s National Soccer Team defeated Guatemala 2-0 in Denver tonight.  This was the final game in this stage of qualifying, but the US had already advanced so the game really didn’t matter.  In my opinion, we looked very dangerous up front, just had a little trouble finishing.  Freddy Adu did score a brilliant free kick for his first international goal.  I’d post the video but mysoccermedia.com is down at the moment, maybe later.

The Royals traded for Coco Crisp this morning.  That’s about all that needs to be said about that.

Enjoy the rest of your Wednesday night, faithful readers, I’m going to watch Die Hard.

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