Some Playoff Predictions

As promised, I’m coming back this offseason with some real posts.  Since I haven’t done that since like August, this is a big step for me.  First up will be the Major League Baseball playoff predictions.  Luckily, I’m really good at this so you won’t even have to watch the games and you can just jump right into hockey season.  I can’t wait for hockey season.

Let’s get started:

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Friday 5: Worst Draft Picks Since 2000

I haven’t written a Friday 5 in a while and I kind of stumbled across this idea while on the greatest website ever created (except this one, of course).  While we do love our NFL Draft around here, this one is referring to the Major League Draft and I’m going to throw out some rules before we get into it.  I’m not talking about the Matt Bush’s of the world who flame out before hitting the big leagues or a pitcher whose arm falls off in Class A ball.  Or just for Chappy, a guy who gets drafted in the first round, becomes the subject of a best-selling novel and plays a whopping five Major League Games.  But hey, that’s exactly five more Major League games than all the readers and writers of this site have ever played in.  No, I’m talking about the guys who were taken high and rocketed through the minors only to flame out and be done within three years.

Some of the players may surprise you.  Let’s get started.

5. Adam Johnson – SP – Minnesota Twins – 2nd overall pick in 2000

The 2000 draft may go down as one of the worst in history.  For a while it looked like the first pick, Adrian Gonzalez, was going to be a massive bust, but he’s found a home in San Diego.  Adam Johnson, who went right behind Gonzalez, hasn’t pitched in the bigs since 2003.  Let’s check his vitals.  In his career with the Twins he went a grand total of 1-3 with a 10.25 ERA in 9 games.  Helpful.  In his 26.1 inning career he gave up 7 homers.  That’s a lot.  He also gave up 40 hits, 14 walks, hit five batters, and gave up 30 runs.  He had a WHIP of over two.  This was your second overall pick.  Good start.

Johnson gets the nod over Justin Wayne, Joe Borchard and his light tower power, and Phil Dumatrait.  All are bad…none were picked 2nd overall.

The Twins could have had:  Chase Utley (15th overall), Adam Wainwright (29th overall) or Grady Sizemore (75th overall)

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Fearless Playoff Predictions

Last night the Twins and Tigers treated us to another great opening to the Major League Baseball playoffs.   The Twins downed the tigers in 12 innings to earn the right to take on the New York Yankees later today in the Divisional Series.  Lucky guys.

So last year I accurately predicted every series except the Dodgers-Cubs opening round set.  With that in mind, I’ll probably get two of these series right and negate all the good feelings I still have about that post.  Either way, this is always fun, so lets see who is going to win the 2009 World Series

Yankees vs. Twins

The Twins have been on a crazy hot streak before ousting the Tigers in last night’s one game playoff.  In the past decade, three teams have entered the playoffs on similar streaks.  Two of them lost in the Divisional Series and one lost in the ALCS.  So not only do the Yankees have history on their side, but they also have the better team.  I don’t have to go through their vaunted lineup or pitching rotation because everyone of them is a household name, it seems.  The Twins will miss Justin Morneau greatly in this series, but Joe Mauer and Nick Punto will get them two games.  Yankees in 5.

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2009 Baseball Previews – AL Central

This is the second one of my 2009 baseball previews.  You can check out the AL East here.  Just a note, it was written before A-Rod needed surgery.

The AL Central is going to be one of the toughest divisions in baseball.  Last year, the Twins and White Sox needed a one game playoff to settle the score.  I feel like anyone but the Royals could easily win the crown.  Continue reading

Great Start to the Playoffs

I realize it wasn’t technically a playoff game between the White Sox and Twins…but it was a playoff game.  I was pulling for the Sox since I have a couple friends who are Sox fans and it would give me a team to pull for in October.  I didn’t think last year’s Rockies-Padres play-in game would be topped in terms of excitement, but this one may have.  Rather than be a Coors Field run-fest, it was a beautiful pitcher’s duel between Nick Blackburn and John Danks.

The only run of the game was scored when Jim Thome murdered a baseball to the concourse in center field.  It was measured at 461 feet, but that seems a little conservative.  Thome reached the same area during a June 4th game and that one was measured at 462 feet, so I can’t really argue.  Still, it was a bomb.

The story of the night was really the pitching of John Danks.  He gave up two hits over 8 innings and was just on cruise control.  It was a very short game, taking only two hours and 20 minutes.  I suppose that will happen when both teams combine for only seven hits.

The defensive play of the game came when Ken Griffey Jr. cut down Michael Cuddyer at the plate as he attempted to score on a sacrifice fly.  Watching Griffey play is still one of the greatest things in all sports.  As soon as Cuddyer took off from third, I knew Griffey was going to get him.  It’s just what he does.  I must also mention that AJ Pierzynski did a great job of holding onto the ball after the bone jarring collision at the plate.  It was baseball at its finest.

Anyway, the playoff matchups are set.  I’ll be rooting for the Sox/Rays winner to take it all.  If that doesn’t pan out, I just want the Cubs to lose.  Maybe I’ll throw up some meaningless predictions tomorrow before it starts, but no promises.  Enjoy October everyone.

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